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Equal Opportunity Training for Civil Rights Service Providers

Purpose of Training

Training provides Civil Rights Service Providers (CRSPs) with tools needed to perform their assigned duties.

About Civil Rights Service Provider Training

CRSP training is provided in support of the Coast Guard Equal Opportunity Program.  Quotas to attend training courses must be requested from the Civil Rights Directorate via the servicing Civil Rights Service Provider's chain of command.

Recommended Training Providers

The table below describes available training courses for Coast Guard Civil Rights Service Providers:

Provider Description
Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI)

DEOMI provides training for military and civilian Civil Rights personnel and for managers and supervisors with the desired outcome of:

  • Fostering positive human relations throughout the Armed Forces; and

  • Enhancing leadership and mission readiness

Course information may be found at:

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Training Institute EEOC offers standardized courses specifically for federal EEO professionals.

Course information may be found at:

Graduate School, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) This school offers an array of career-related and continuing education courses to include EEO counselor and mediation for EEO professionals.

Course information may be found at:

Equal Opportunity Advisors (EOA) Course This course is taught at DEOMI.  It is 10 weeks in duration with seven weeks of DOD equal opportunity training and three weeks of Coast Guard service-specific training.  The curriculum for the EOA Course provides a foundation for the EOAs to assess the human relations/social climates for the organization in which they serve.  It prepares them to provide sound advice and guidance to CO/OIC to recognize, prevent, reduce, or eliminate discriminatory practices.

The course is targeted to military members who serve as full-time EOAs.

Leadership Team Awareness Course This course is conducted in a joint Service environment. The Leadership Team Awareness Course (LTAC) is designed to allow senior leaders serving in key organizational positions an opportunity to explore evolving human relations and equal opportunity/equal employment opportunity issues in addition to gaining a complete understanding of how these issues impact the unit cohesion and mission effectiveness/readiness.

The course is five days in duration.  The LTAC is targeted for Commanders and key staff or department heads to include their Silver or Gold Badge Command Chiefs (E-7 to E-9).

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Counselors Course This DEOMI course develops a base of knowledge and skills that allow graduates to serve as effective collateral-duty EEO counselors.  It focuses on the intra/interpersonal and organizational aspects of EEO.  Training introduces the causes and effects of discrimination, EEO programs for federal employees/applicants for employment, and civilian personnel/human resource management.  It concentrates on the roles and responsibilities of EEO Counselors, communication and interviewing skills, documenting EEO inquiries, and resolving EEO complaints (including alternative dispute resolution).

This course is five days in duration and is targeted towards newly assigned collateral-duty EEO Counselors.

Special Emphasis Program Manager's Course Special Emphasis programs addressed in this course include:  Federal Women, Black Employment, Hispanic Employment, Asian-Pacific Islander Employment, American Indian/Alaskan Native Employment, and Program for People with Disabilities. Training concentrates on the roles and responsibilities of Special Emphasis Program Managers, communication skills, staff coordination, briefing skills, analyzing EEO data, and planning and managing effective Special Emphasis Programs.

This course is three days in duration and is targeted towards newly assigned collateral-duty and full time special emphasis program mangers. 

EEO Training for New Counselors This course is conducted by the EEO Commission Training Institute.

Participants are taught basics regarding EEO law and provided the opportunity to develop essential counseling techniques in a small group setting.  Trainers also use instructive role plays and exercises to assist participants in completing an actual counseling, from interviews to writing the Counselor's Report.

Course Topics include:

  • Basics of EEO law and theories/analyses of discrimination
  • The 1614 regulations and federal sector EEO process
  • Roles and responsibilities of EEO counselors
  • Methods of interviewing and gathering evidence
  • Informal resolution techniques
  • Drafting the Counselor's Report

This five day course is designed for new EEO counselors.

EEO Refresher Training for Counselors

This course is conducted by the EEO Commission and Training Institute. 

Participants are updated on recent developments in federal sector EEO, and given the opportunity to enhance their skills.  Trainers use instructive role plays and exercises to assist participants in sharpening their EEO counselor skills and techniques.

Course topics include:

  • Updates in EEO Case Law
  • Understanding Race and Color Claims
  • Understanding Retaliation Claims

This is a one day course.

Roles and Responsibilities of the EEO Advisory Committee

This course is provided by the Graduate School USDA.

This course is designed to provide information to EEO Advisory Committee members on :

  • Applying EEO laws, regulations and directives
  • Solving program problems and evaluating results
  • Following complaint procedures and appropriate merit promotion actions
  • Using the federal equal opportunity recruitment program
  • Communicating with top management regarding EEO and diversity issues

This is a two day course.


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