United States Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard

The Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard represents the Commandant, the Military District of Washington and the United States Coast Guard through ceremonial operations held before world leaders and dignitaries.

Ceremonies can include parades, funerals, White House dignitary arrivals, as well as presenting colors at local and official functions. Honor Guard members participate in joint service activities as well as Coast Guard functions.

The Honor Guard performs in excess of 1,600 ceremonies annually. The Honor Guard is comprised of approximately 80 members, with a Lieutenant Commander (O-4) serving as the Honor Guard Commanding Officer, a Lieutenant as Executive Officer, two Junior Officers serving as Operations/Training Officer and Supply/Weapons Officer, a Chief Petty Officer (E-7) as the Honor Guard Chief, and six Petty Officers (E-5 to E-6).

The remaining members of the Honor Guard are “first-tour” non-rated personnel (E-2/E-3) coming directly from Training Center Cape May. All Honor Guard personnel typically serve a two year tour of duty.

Requesting Honor Guard Cermonials

Mission Request Form

Honor Guardsman's Creed

I am an Honor Guardsman.

I will Proudly stand beside my shipmates despite the discomforting elements;

I will maintain Poise on and off the parade field;

I will exceed the standards and accept nothing less than Perfection.

I will Honor all Coast Guard men and women both living and dead.

I will Respect the Honor Guard Mission and my Seniors.

I will Devote my maximum effort unto this sacred duty.

By wearing this rope I have accepted a commitment to Excellence as a way of life