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Coast Guard Student Art Contest

Every year, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) partners with the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), and the Inter-American Committee on Ports of the Organization of American States (CIP-OAS) to celebrate talented artists throughout the Americas in the K-12 Student Art Contest. Students that enter the contest create a poster that represents an environmental theme as identified by the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) World Maritime Day.

Below, you can find the artwork of the finalists and the two grand-prize winners from previous years.

2023 Theme: "MARPOL at 50- Preventing Marine Pollution”

Drawing of a glass bottle with a cork on top. Inside the glass bottle is a red ship with several shipping containers. The glass bottle is half submerged in the ocean and half out of the ocean. Within the submerged part is an ocean colored hand holding the bottom of the bottle. There are two flying fishing jumping out of the water on the right side.A large ship with cranes and shipping containers on top of the ocean. Within the blue part of the ocean is a green recycling logo, the text "Preventing Marine Pollution, and an Orca jumping out of the water. There is text on the ship that reads "MARPOL at 50"

Grand Prize Winners: Alina W., Grade 11, Ontario, Canada (left) Benjamin S., Grade 4, Indiana, USA (right)

 The drawing is split into two vertical halves. On the left side is a barren sea floor with a sunk ship with the text "Torrey" on it and black smoke clouds. On the right side is a lush and colorful ocean with sea creatures and plants. A ship with the text "Green" is on the surface. Text at the top of the drawing says "Protect our Planet and the Ocean." A colorful drawing that is split into five sections. On the left side is a ship and battery with the text "Low Sulfur Fuel." On the top section is a plane and ship with the text "Oil Pollution Prevention. On the right side is a ship on the water with the text "Sewage Pollution Prevention." On the bottom section is a ship on the water with a whale and three trash bags in the water with the text "Noxious Liquid Substance Pollution Prevention." In the last section is a human holding two trash bags with the text "Garbage Pollution Prevention." In the center of the drawing is a globe with the text MARPOL AT 50 Our Commitment goes on." 

Finalists: Abigail C., Grade 3, New York, USA (left), Aditya Y., Grade 6, Michigan, USA (right)

Drawing of the back of a gray ship on the ocean holding several shipping containers. Text on the ship reads "Reduce Reuse Recycle." There is a dolphin jumping out of the water on the right side of the ship. Drawing of the earth in outer space with a black background and half the sun in the top left corner. There is a satellite below the sun and to the left of the earth. Two hands with gloves are extending from the right side of the drawing cupping the earth. On the earth is a ship and a polar bear. There is text on the top that reads "It's in your hands!"

Finalists: Elishka L., Grade 4, Pennsylvania, USA (left), Joanna M., Grade 7, Pennsylvania, USA (right)

A drawing of a ship on the ocean that has several shipping containers. Below the ship is the text "MARPOL at 50" accompanied by two anchors on each side. At the top of the drawing is the text "Preventing Marine Pollution." Drawing of the earth in outer space. The sun is behind the earth. The earth is being held up by a featureless individual on their shoulders. The moon is to the left with the text "Stop Pollution" in a ribbon around it.

Finalists: Jonathan S., Grade 7, Indiana, USA (left), Liam D., Grade 7, Pennsylvania, USA (right)

 Drawing of a girl leaning on the edge of the beach with three toy boats and she is placing a flag that reads "Follow MARPOL rules" into the ocean. Drawing of a ship on the ocean with shipping containers. The side of the ship reads "Cargo." Underneath the ship is a collection of sea creatures that are struggling with polluted items in the ocean.

Finalists: Neema J., Grade 7, Maryland, USA (left), Serena W., Kindergarten, Michigan, USA (right)

 Image of two ships on the ocean, one in the foreground and one in the background. One of the ships is cleaning up trash as fish and an Orca jump out of the water. Drawing of a ship docked on the shore and a sailboat. There are penguins and an orca in the water. The text "2024" is on the side of the ship as a dog and fruit are also on the ship.

Finalists: Sharon G., Grade 2, Florida, USA (left), Sophia C., Kindergarten, Florida, USA (right)



Art depicting a drawing with vibrant colors of several ships in the water with buildings and port containers along the bank of the water, along with a larger ship with the words green ship tech.

2022 Theme "New Technologies for Greener Shipping"

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2021 Theme "Seafarers: At the Core of Shipping’s Future”


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2020 Theme "Sustainable Shipping for a Sustainable Planet.”


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