Coast Guard Cities

The City of Grand Haven is 'Coast Guard City USA'The very nature of the Coast Guard's mission creates a need for understanding between the Coast Guard and the local community. Coast Guard commands everywhere are urged to develop the kinds of relationships that enable unit commanders to sense public attitudes and interests.

In turn, many cities have made special efforts to acknowledge the professional work of the Coast Guard men and women assigned to their area. Making Coast Guard men and women and their families feel at home in their home away from home is an invaluable contribution to morale and service excellence. The Coast Guard is pleased to recognize Coast Guard Cities -- those cities that have extended so many considerations to the Coast Guard family and their dependents.

The Coast Guard City program application and recertification guidance.

If you are interested in becoming a Coast Guard City, please contact Ms. Zenobia Williams by e-mail at

To date, 34 cities have been designated by Congress as Coast Guard Cities:

Location (City and State) Date Designated Website
1 Grand Haven, Michigan 13-Nov-98
2 Eureka, California 3-Jun-00
3 Mobile, Alabama 4-Jul-02
4 Wilmington, North Carolina 25-Jul-03
5 Newport, Oregon 28-Mar-05
6 Alameda, California 14-Apr-06
7 Kodiak, Alaska 15-Sep-07
8 Rockland, Maine 16-Jun-08
9 Portsmouth, Virginia 17-Nov-09
10 Traverse City, Michigan 7-Apr-10
11 Astoria, Oregon 1-May-10
12 Sitka, Alaska 14-Feb-11
13 Clearwater, Florida 23-Dec-11
14 Newburyport, Massachusetts 23-Dec-11
15 Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 23-Jan-14
16 Camden County, Georgia 23-Jan-14
17 Cape May County, New Jersey 8-May-15
18  Hull, Massachusetts  11-May-15
19  Ketchikan, Alaska  11-May-15
20 Elizabeth City, North Carolina 29-May-15
21 New London, Connecticut 24-May-15
22 Carteret County, North Carolina 7-Jul-15
23 San Diego, California 23-Feb-17
24 Florence, Oregon 20-May-17
25 New York, NY 4-Feb-18
26 Chatham County, Georgia 18-Oct-18
27 Cordova, Alaska 30-Sep-19
28 Westport, Washington 30-Sep-19
29 Valdez, Alaska 7-Apr-21
30 Key West, Florida 4-Aug-22
31 Bay County, Florida 15-May-23
32 Homer, Alaska 22-May-23
33 Garibaldi, OR 17-Dec-23
34 Charleston, SC 26-Jan-24