"These guiding principles frame my direction and will support the Department of Homeland Security, the Secretary of Defense and Combatant Commanders, and other national and global maritime interests."
- Adm. Karl L. Schultz, 26th Commandant of the Coast Guard.

We are ready

To be READY means we will be prepared to serve and protect the American people and our national interests. We have taken the following initial actions to accelerate our efforts to be Ready.

With shared commitment, we will develop and sustain a mission ready total workforce.

We will streamline process by:

  • Aligning follow-on enlistment and extension contract dates with assignment year
  • Shifting E6 Evaluations to an Annual Cycle
  • Implementing a single page O2 OER
  • Prioritizing Civilian Marine Inspector Hiring

We will train our talented workforce by:

  • Creating a Credentialing, Certification, and Licensure Program (comply with the 2015 NDAA)
  • Creating a Civilian Career Management (CMA) and Development Team at FORCECOM

We will empower leaders by:

  • Providing advancement authority for OinC's (Advance E1- E3 and sign E4-E6)
  • Establishing a selection board process for advancement to E9
We will establish a Personnel Readiness Task Force. The Vice Commandant will charter a team to address readiness and retention issues related to women and underrepresented minorities as well as issues impacting all Service members.

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We are relevant

To be RELEVANT means we will be a professional and agile armed force, law enforcer, regulator, and maritime first responder on which our partners confidently rely to address the Nation’s increasingly complex maritime challenges.


When we work together, we rise above challenges that alone could not be overcome.

We are responsive


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We are responsive

To be RESPONSIVE means we will employ our bias for action to excel in mission execution as we protect and defend the homeland.


We will always be poised and prepared to answer departmental and national demands.

We are responsive


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