In 2023, the National Defense Authorization Act was implemented, and the Secretary of Defense ended the mandate for the Department of Defense (DoD) military members to have COVID-19 vaccines. In response to this policy update, the Coast Guard rescinded it's COVID-19 vaccination mandate to align with the current DOD policy.

Coast Guard service members are no longer required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Consequently, we are working to encourage individuals who were voluntarily or involuntarily separated to rejoin the Coast Guard.

To support this effort, we launched the Return 2 Service Program, which is a dedicated team readily able to assist individuals with returning to service. We will also help members update their military records such as the Enlisted Evaluation Reports (EERs) and Integrated Personnel Records Management System (IPERMS) accounts.

This web page provides more details regarding Return 2 Service eligibility requirements, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and how to contact us when you are ready to return to service.


Communicate with separated service members and guide them through the return to service process.


Assist members with reaccessions and the hiring process by working with EPM-1 and assignment officers to get new billets for service members.


We support members by identifying their new duty locations, correcting their military records and PCS moves