Natural Resource Damage Claims

The NPFC's Natural Resource Damage (NRD) Claims Division adjudicates claims for natural resource damages arising out of oil spills (or the substantial threat of a spill) to the navigable waters of the United States. Those damages may include:

  • The cost to restore, rehabilitate, replace or acquire the equivalent of the injured resource.
  • Any interim lost use or diminution in value of the injured resource pending restoration.
  • The reasonable cost of assessing those damages.

Who May Submit NRD Claims to the NPFC?

Natural Resource Trustees designated by the President, State or Territorial Governor or Tribal governing authority may submit NRD claims to the NPFC. A responsible party may assert a claim against the Fund for removal costs and damages, which may include payments to a United States trustee, a State trustee, an Indian tribe trustee, or a foreign trustee for natural resource damages, if the responsible party demonstrates an entitlement to a defense to liability under Section 2703 or entitlement to a limitation of liability under Section 2704.

Preassessment Funding

Federal Trustees may also access the OSLTF to initiate preassessment activities through Interagency Agreements (IAAs) between the Federal Trustees and the NPFC.

For initiate preassessment requests, during or after business hours, please contact the NRD Claims Division.


Incident Name Claim Type Claim Number Determination Date
Trinity Bay Oil Spill Assessment T07001-TX02 2023/03/29
Highland Bayou Oil Spill Assessment N05019-TX02 2023/03/29
Oregon/Washington Coast Mystery Spill Assessment S99028-OI01 2020/05/08
M/V Selendang Ayu Assessment J05003-RP04 Initial 2022/04/08
M/V Selendang Ayu Assessment J05003-RP04 Recon 2022/10/05
Equinox Assessment 088272-OC1 2011/06/08
Enbridge Assessment E10527-OI02 2013/04/03
Enbridge Assessment E10527-OI03 2013/04/16
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-Al20 2014/05/23
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OI02 2011/09/21
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OI03 2011/12/05
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-EP25 2015/03/18
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-EP32 2015/08/03
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OI04 2012/03/13
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OC06 2011/03/27
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OC08 2011/07/05
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OI09 2012/05/31
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OI10 2012/05/29
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OI11 2012/07/20
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OI19 2014/05/28
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OI21 2014/10/17
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OI23 2014/12/17
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OI24 2014/07/03
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OI31 2015/07/31
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OC14 2013/11/06
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OC15 2013/01/16
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OC18 2014/02/03
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OC18 2014/02/19
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OC18 2014/03/07
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OC18 2014/04/17
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OC18 2014/04/24
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OC27 2015/04/03
Deepwater Horizon Assessment N10036-OC30 2015/07/23
Texas City Y Oil Spill Assessment Assessment N14026-OC01 2015/12/08
Oregon/Washington Coast Mystery Spill Assessment S99028-OI01 2016/03/24
Oregon/Washington Coast Mystery Spill Assessment S99028-OI01 2016/07/14
Texas Trustee Claim, 14 Different Incidents Assessment Texas-Galveston Bay 2008/08/18
Tug Powhatan Assessment and Restoration J17008-OC02 2022/11/07
T/B DBL152 Assessment and Restoration N06008 2021/02/08
SS Luckenbach Assessment and Restoration A02005-OI2 2010/01/04
M/V Selendang Ayu Assessment and Restoration J05003-OI03 2017/11/27
Athos I Assessment and Restoration P05005-OC1 2010/10/05
Tug Powhatan Assessment and Restoration J17008-OC02 2023/03/17
LPV Venezia Mona Island Emergency Restoration Restoration UCGPM23039-OC04 2023/10/19
Pryor Oil Restoration E02414-OI2 2009/10/28
Rogue River Restoration G02AAA-OI02 2019/09/03
T/V Margara Restoration M06017-OC01 2019/02/08
M/V Jireh Restoration M12037-OC02 2012/12/18
New Carissa Restoration S99018-OI1 2007/01/24
New Carissa Restoration S99018-OI2 2009/08/26
F/V Deep Sea Restoration S12020-WA02 2018/04/29