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Civil Rights Directorate

Vision- A discrimination-free workplace where every member of and applicant to the Coast Guard has the opportunity to reach his/her/their full potential, and believes it is possible to do so without regard to: race; color; national origin; religion; sex (including gender identity, sexual harassment, pregnancy and sexual orientation); age; disability; genetic information; marital status; parental status; political affiliation; engagement in a protected Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)/Equal Opportunity (EO) activity or any other basis protected by the law.

Mission- To maximize Coast Guard's overall mission effectiveness by leading programs and facilitating practices which foster a discrimination-free workplace.

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Service Providers

Civil Rights Service Providers by Area of Responsibility (AOR)

These individuals serve as initial points of contact to ensure appropriate responsiveness to concerns, including complaint counseling and the opportunity to resolve claims at the lowest level.

2023 Training Schedule (CAC Enabled) Updated 01/06/2023

Zone AOR Name Contact
1 Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont Mr. Max Theriault
(617) 510-9545
2 Connecticut, New Jersey, New York Mr. Paul Ziegengeist
(860) 701-6509
3 Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania Mr. Max Theriault
(617) 510-9545
4 Washington D.C. Ms. Carolyn Hunter
(202) 372-4260
5 Virginia Amy Icenogle
(202) 536-7864
6 Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina Ms. Tamara S. McMillan
(252) 335-6573
7 Florida, Puerto Rico, Europe, Bahrain Amy Icenogle
(202) 536-7864
8 Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky Ms. Amy Icenogle*
(202) 536-7864
9 Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming Ms. Tonisha Layne
(281) 464-4823
10 Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, West Virginia, Wisconsin Mr. Phillip Wawrosch
(216) 902-6457
11 Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah Ms. Yvonne Nunn
(510) 437-3859

12 Alaska Arcady Darter*
(510) 508-2562
13 Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington Arcady Darter*
(510) 508-2562
14 Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, Japan Mr. Joshua Love
(808) 842-2775

* Denotes Deputy Filling in Role.
Toll Free Number: 1(888) 992-7387 or (1-888 99 CRD USCG)


Coast Guard Civil Rights zone map.