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Partnership in Education Program

Image of PIE logoThe Coast Guard enhances educational opportunities and career awareness for the nation’s youth through direct participation in education related programs. All members of the Coast Guard family, including active duty, reserve, auxiliary, civilian and retirees are encouraged to participate in school and community activities approved by their local command. Our support promotes excellence in education through collaboration with local school systems, community groups, and businesses, especially in communities with large, underserved populations, and creates student awareness of the Coast Guard’s missions and people. All Coast Guard partnership programs are authorized under the National and Community Service Act of 1990.

Many Coast Guard districts and units throughout the country are participating in their communities as partners in education. Often, they work directly with students to heighten their awareness of traditional Coast Guard values – drug-free lifestyles, emphasis on scholarship, personal initiative, responsibility, and individual self-worth. Members also inform students of the many rewarding careers offered by the Coast Guard.

Local Partnership in Education programs may include: 

Advocacy/Advisory Programs

  • Develop programs to increase others’ involvement in schools (e.g., police, firemen, community businesses)
  • Advise on special projects (e.g., science fairs, computer literacy programs)
  • Serve on advisory committees for special programs (e.g., school beautification, fitness programs)
  • Advise a curriculum committee (e.g., marine science, engineering, mathematics, information systems management, oceanography)

Instructional Support Programs

  • Participate in tutorial services or classroom presentations
  • Provide guest instructors
  • Encourage and assist with instruction in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
  • Participate in a Speakers Bureau
  • Help motivate students through career awareness/shadowing experiences, acting as role models to encourage and promote interest in the sciences, mathematics and engineering
  • Initiate mentor programs
  • Interact as professional partners, working with school staff to develop programs or materials which reflect actual application of subject matter

Enrichment Programs

  • Work with specific groups of students to improve individual skill and leisure activities
  • Create interactive lessons for students and staff
  • Set up and encourage extracurricular clubs (math, computers, marine science, boating safety)
  • Conduct tours of a Coast Guard unit/cutter
  • Provide display space for student creations

Extended Service Programs

  • Discuss career opportunities
  • Provide job shadowing experiences
  • Assist in employment/training opportunities and seminars
  • Sponsor tours to provide world of work exposure
  • Recognize outstanding students and staff
  • Provide technical aid, instruction or services (e.g., technology, marine biology)

For more information about the Coast Guard’s Partnership in Education program, contact Mr. Edward Stoker, (202) 372-4519,

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