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Coast Guard Partnership in Education Program

Commandant's Partnership in Education Award Criteria

Each year the Coast Guard recognizes units, schools, community-based organizations, business partners, military members and civilian personnel who made significant contributions to local communities through the Service’s Partnership in Education program.

1.  Award Categories:

  1. Best Unit Partnerships (Two Awards) are given for Coast Guard Units working independently with one or more schools. Nominations are sought based on unit size, specifically units with up to 100 personnel, and units with more than 100 personnel.

  2. Best Collaborative Partnerships (Two Awards) are given for units working with one or more volunteer organizations (businesses, community-based organizations, or CG units) to support one or more schools. Nominations are sought based on unit size, specifically units up to 100 personnel, and units with more than 100 personnel.

  3. PIE Coordinator of the Year Award recognizes a unit PIE Coordinator for his/her efforts in establishing, sustaining, or expanding quality education partnerships.

  4. Sustained Excellence in CG PIE Award acknowledges the accomplishments of a CG unit or individual participant (volunteer, coordinator, and/or leader) with four or more consecutive years of involvement in CG PIE programs.

    (The performance period for the above five awards is July through June).

2.  Eligibility All Coast Guard units with registered PIE programs, and their associated unit coordinators, volunteer personnel, and supporting leadership cadre are eligible. Units and individuals competing for multiple awards must submit separate nomination packages for each.

3.  Selection Criteria Nominations are evaluated based on achievement of one or more of the following criteria, in addition to other factors:

  1. Expansion of relationships within existing PIE programs, such as increasing the number of registered participants, students, education partners, or volunteer organizations.

  2. Expansion of individual roles or responsibilities, such as transitioning from unit PIE volunteer to unit coordinator or into a leadership position with demonstrated commitment to CG PIE programs.

  3. Expansion of CG PIE into new areas, such as establishing and registering new programs or becoming a PIE ambassador and actively encouraging participation by new CG units, schools, or volunteer partners.

  4. Overcoming challenges to sustained involvement in PIE programs, such as competing mission responsibilities, personnel transactions, or changes affecting education partners or volunteer organizations.

4.  Submission Procedure All nominations must be submitted through the units’ Chain of Command and must include the following information:

  1. Nomination category: Unit Partnership, Collaborative Partnership, Sustained Excellence, or PIE Coordinator of the Year.

  2. Unit name, operating facility (OPFAC) number, and address.

  3. PIE Coordinator name, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address.

  4. Collaborative partner(s), names(s), Point(s) of contact, and phone number.

  5. Partner School(s), name(s), address(es), point(s) of contact, and phone numbers(s).

  6. Number and grade level(s) of participating students.

  7. Total number of participating CG personnel (active duty, civilian, reserve, auxiliary, and retired).

  8. Total number of hours volunteered during the performance period (total of all unit participants).

  9. Name and rank of unit Commanding Officer/Officer in Charge (CO/OIC).

  10. A one-page, single-spaced narrative accurately reflecting the accomplishments for which the unit or individual is being nominated.

  11. A signed cover memo from the CO/OIC, forwarding the package.  Nominations of the unit or CO/OIC must be endorsed by the next level in the units' chain of command.

  12. All nominations must be received by COMDT (CG-00H) on or before 30 August.

Last Modified 3/23/2016