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RT @ComdtUSCG: Thank you for your support, Ma’am. Semper Paratus!
RT @ComdtUSCG: Last week, @POTUS announced intensified counterdrug efforts by sea/air as cartels attempt to exploit COVID-19 to infiltrate…
Awesome job by our crews as they continue to answer the call!
RT @USCG: $5.4 trillion. That’s how much money the Maritime Transportation System accounts for in economic activity annually, supporting 3…
So proud of our Coast Guard men and women! #InThisTogether #USCG #
RT @USCGHawaiiPac: Happy #AlohaFriday! Yesterday, service members from the @USCG 14th District helped the The Salvation Army to distribute…
RT @ComdtUSCG: The American public will continue to look at us as models of leadership and strength in the communities where we serve. That…
RT @thejointstaff: During his tenure, #SEAC4 will support the Chairman w/ the following lines of effort: 1) Solidify the values/purpose of…
RT @thejointstaff: #SEAC4 Ramon Colon-Lopez on advocating for our enlisted in times of uncertainty: “The best thing I can do for them right…
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Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard

Master Chief Jason M. Vanderhaden

MCPOCG Vanderhaden assumed the duties as the 13th Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard on May 17, 2018. Master Chief Vanderhaden is the senior enlisted member of the Coast Guard and the principal advisor to the Commandant on all enlisted personnel matters.

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The office of the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard (MCPOCG) was established by legislative action on Aug. 27, 1969, to provide the Commandant with a personal advisor and assistant in matters affecting the enlisted members of the Coast Guard, both active and reserve, and their families. The MCPOCG is the most senior enlisted member of the Coast Guard. The normal tour of assignment is four years, which runs concurrently with the Commandant of the Coast Guard.


The MCPOCG must be a living example of the Coast Guard's core values of honor, respect, and devotion to duty. Individuals who are selected to serve in this prestigious position must possess the highest standards of professionalism and personal integrity.

  • assisting in the development of policy for managing the enlisted workforce of the Coast Guard;
  • traveling to various units throughout the Coast Guard, addressing personnel on quality of life and personnel issues;
  • formal testimonials before Congress;
  • representing enlisted quality of life issues by speaking to various civilian and military committees and forums;
  • representing the Coast Guard by accepting opportunities to speak at military, civic, and social functions;
  • maintaining a strong relationship with service organizations and companies that support enlisted personnel issues;
  • working closely with the Department of Defense senior enlisted counterparts; and
  • by serving as the Force Manager for the Command Master Chief Program and Program Manager for the Chief Petty Officer Academy.

As the senior-most Chief Petty Officer in the Coast Guard, the MCPOCG is also responsible for all aspects of the implementation and management of the Chiefs Call to Indoctrination Program.