Chaplain of the Coast Guard


Commandant (CG-00A) 
2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE 
U.S. Coast Guard Stop 7000
Washington, DC 20593-7000

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Chaplain Corps Vision Statement:
"Mission-ready members and families of the Naval Service, strengthened and supported by professional religious ministry."

Chaplain Corps Mission Statement:
To inspire hope and strengthen spiritual well-being through the delivery and coordination of effective religious ministry at sea and ashore."

Chaplain Corps Core Capabilities:

PROVIDE: Providing professional religious ministry through worship services, religious education, weddings , funerals and other religious rituals and rites.
FACILITATE: Facilitating for the religious needs of our people from other religious traditions by identifying their needs and coordinating support from other chaplains, civilian clergy and lay leaders.
CARE: Caring for our people with dignity, respect and compassion, regardless of an individual's beliefs, and making informed and professional referrals. Chaplains are available 24/7 with confidential counseling to ensure service members and their families have the spiritual resilience to cope with the inevitable hardships of military life.
ADVISE: Advising commanding officers on the accommodation of religious needs; on the moral, ethical and spiritual well-being of our people; and on religious matters that affect the command's mission.