Chaplain of the Coast Guard



How do I contact a chaplain to conduct funeral services for a veteran or retiree?
Ask your local funeral director to assist you in this. Most funeral directors will have the contact numbers for nearby military installations or Veterans Administration office that can offer support in arranging military burial honors, including the services of a chaplain, to those eligible veterans and retirees.
How can I become a Navy chaplain or enlisted Religious Program Specialist?
The Navy is always looking for highly motivated, caring and qualified clergy to serve as chaplains and dedicated men and women to serve as enlisted RPs. Though demanding in many ways, it is a very rewarding life filled with many ministry opportunities for chaplains and service opportunities for the enlisted. You can find additional information here:
I am Roman Catholic and was baptized in a Military Chapel. How do I obtain a copy of my baptismal certificate?
To obtain a copy of a Baptismal or other Sacramental certificate performed at a Navy Chapel contact:The Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA
P.O. Box 4469
Washington, DC 20017-0469
(202) 2629-9100; FAX (202) 269-9022
Or go to and click on "Staff" (located on the top-menu bar). Then click on the name of the Department Director for Sacramental Records to send your request via e-mail.
Would a chaplain be willing to come and speak for my organization?
Many chaplains are willing to speak. Sometimes civilian clergy are themselves chaplains in the military reserves or in the Coast Guard’s Auxiliary Chaplain Support Program, so you might ask your Pastor, Priest, Imam, or Rabbi to attempt to arrange this. You might also try to contact the Public Affairs office at your nearest military installation and ask for assistance.
Who is eligible for a burial at sea?
Individuals eligible for this program are: (1) active duty members of the uniformed services; (2) retirees and veterans who were honorably discharged. (3) U.S. civilian marine personnel of the Military Sealift Command; and (4) dependent family members of active duty personnel, retirees, and veterans of the uniformed services. For further information see: Burial at Sea (