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 ARCTIC STRATEGIC OUTLOOK IMPLEMENTATION PLANARCTIC STRATEGIC OUTLOOK IMPLEMENTATION PLANThis Implementation Plan outlines the actions the U.S. Coast Guard will undertake to execute the strategic objectives in our 2019 Arctic Strategic Outlook, which also supports the 2022 National Strategy for the Arctic Region. In doing so, we will continue to prioritize actions that safeguard U.S. sovereignty and interests while promoting safe, secure, and environmentally responsible maritime activity in the Arctic.10/25/2023
 U.S. Coast Guard Climate FrameworkU.S. Coast Guard Climate FrameworkThe Coast Guard’s Climate Framework focuses on preparedness, resilience, and collaboration with partners and stakeholders to best position the Coast Guard for the challenges climate change presents to all of us.2/24/2023
 U.S. Coast Guard StrategyU.S. Coast Guard StrategyUnited States Coast Guard Strategy10/12/2022
 Ready Workforce 2030Ready Workforce 2030The resiliency, flexibility, and adaptability of our workforce is at the heart of what has made the Coast Guard successful for well over 200 years, and it remains our greatest strength. However, the environment the Coast Guard must navigate to build its force has changed dramatically since 2000 and increasingly since the start of 2020.5/11/2022
 USCG RESERVE DOCTRINEUSCG RESERVE DOCTRINESince 1941 when the Coast Guard Reserve was established to increase the military capability of the Service during World War II, the Reserve Component has evolved to augmenting daily operations and responding to foreign and domestic man-made and natural threats in the maritime environment. Publication R is doctrine for the Reserve; it is paramount to the continued success of the truly unique, integrated structure for the total Coast Guard workforce to read and understand the foundational and directional information presented in this document.10/6/2021
 Cyber Strategic OutlookCyber Strategic OutlookThe U.S. Coast Guard is the nation’s lead federal agency for securing and safeguarding the nation’s maritime domain. Its role as both a military and law enforcement agency provide maximum flexibility to combat cyber threats and protect U.S. maritime interests both domestically and abroad. In 2015, the Coast Guard’s Cyber Strategy established cyberspace as a new operational domain for the Coast Guard. This new and updated Cyber Strategic Outlook reaffirms that foundation and that we will bring the same ethos, proven doctrine and operational concepts, and over 230 years of experience to bear on our operations in and through cyberspace.8/3/2021
 Advantage at Sea: Prevailing with Integrated All-Domain Naval PowerAdvantage at Sea: Prevailing with Integrated All-Domain Naval PowerThe Tri-Service Maritime Strategy, Advantage at Sea, outlines the three sea services’ commitment to the Nation, our allies, and our partners. The shared efforts outlined in this document are designed to ensure the continuance of the international rules-based order, at all levels of the competition continuum. Advantage at Sea orients the next decade’s focus towards retention, modernization, and mission efficacy, leveraging each service’s complementary capabilities and authorities towards the nation’s strategic priorities.12/17/2020
 IUU_STRATEGIC_OUTLOOK_2020_FINAL.PDFIUU Fishing Strategic OutlookIUU Fishing Strategic Outlook9/18/2020
 FY2021_BUDGET_OVERVIEW_WEB.PDFUnited States Coast Guard Posture Statement 2021 Budget OverviewUnited States Coast Guard Posture Statement 2021 Budget Overview2/18/2020
 Arctic Strategic OutlookArctic Strategic OutlookSince the release of the Coast Guard Arctic Strategy in 2013, the renewal of global strategic competition has coincided with dramatic changes in the physical environment of the Arctic. The interaction of these drivers has made the Arctic a strategically-competitive space for the first time since the end of the Cold War. Competition does not preclude cooperation, and the Coast Guard will always look for opportunities to collaborate to solve complex issues. However, the Service must do so within the context of the Nation's national security interests.4/23/2019
 2018 Strategic Plan2018 Strategic PlanThe Coast Guard Strategic Plan 2018-2022, which represents our Senior Leaders’ shared vision to advance the Service over the next four years. This Strategic Plan supports the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Security Strategy (NSS) to ensure a safe, secure, and prosperous homeland. The lines of effort in this plan emphasize our need to invest in Service readiness while fine-tuning mission execution and operational support to meet the needs of the Nation.11/15/201811/2/2022
 CGD-181010-094-056.PDFMaritime Commerce Strategic Outlook, table dropTable drop for Maritime Commerce Strategic Outlook10/11/2018
 Maritime Commerce Strategic OutlookMaritime Commerce Strategic OutlookAs a multi-mission, maritime armed force, with unique law enforcement, intelligence, and regulatory authorities, the Coast Guard ensures the safety, security, and stewardship of our Nation’s waters from internal waters to the outer limits of the 200-nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and beyond. The Coast Guard leverages its unique authorities, jurisdiction, and operational capabilities to safeguard the effi cient and economical movement of maritime commerce through the MTS. No other U.S. Government agency can have such far-reaching impact within the maritime domain.10/11/2018
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