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Coast Guard Leadership

Karl Schultz
Commandant of the Coast Guard

Admiral Linda L. Fagan
Vice Commandant

Jason M. Vanderhaden
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard

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Rear Admiral Thomas G. Allan Jr First District Commander (D1)
Mr. Craig A. Bennett Deputy Assistant Commandant for Resources (CG-8D)
Mr. Michael Berkow Director Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS)
Rear Admiral Melissa Bert Judge Advocate General & Chief Counsel (CG-094)
Rear Admiral Melvin W. Bouboulis Thirteenth District Commander (D13)
Dr. Gladys Brignoni Deputy Commander and Chief Learning Officer, Force Readiness Command (FORCECOM)
Honorable Walter J. Brudzinski Chief Administrative Law Judge
Mr. Brian P. Burns Deputy Chief Information Officer (CG-6D)
Vice Admiral Scott Buschman Deputy Commandant for Operations
Ms. Ann Castiglione-Cataldo Director of International Affairs and Foreign Policy Advisor (DCO-I)
Rear Admiral Scott W. Clendenin Assistant Commandant for Response Policy
Mr. Albert Curry Deputy Assistant Commandant for Engineering & Logistics (CG-4D)
Rear Admiral Megan Dean Director of Governmental and Public Affairs (CG-092)
Rear Admiral Pat DeQuattro Deputy for Operations, Policy, and Capabilities (DCO-D)
Rear Admiral David M. Dermanelian Assistant Commandant for C4IT (CG-6)
Dr. Terri A. Dickerson Director Civil Rights Staff (CG-00H)
Rear Admiral Laura M. Dickey Fifth District Commander (D5)
Mr. Michael D. Emerson Director Marine Transportation Systems Management (CG-5PW)
Admiral Linda L. Fagan Vice Commandant
Rear Admiral Mark J. Fedor Assistant Commandant for Resources & Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Rear Admiral Charles E. Fosse Joint Interagency Task Force (JIATF) West
Rear Admiral Peter W. Gautier Deputy Commander Pacific Area
Rear Admiral Shannon Gilreath Commander, Personnel Service Center
Ms. Michelle R. Godfrey Director of Civilian Human Resources, Diversity and Leadership
Mr. William R. Grawe Director National Pollution Funds Center (NPFC)
Rear Admiral Jon Hickey Director of Operational Logistics (DOL)
Rear Admiral Michael J. Johnston Ninth District Commander
Rear Admiral Eric Jones Assistant Commandant for Human Resources (CG-1)
Command Master Chief Heath B. Jones Command Master Chief Deputy Commandant for Missions Support
Rear Admiral William G. Kelly Superintendent, Coast Guard Academy
Rear Admiral James M. Kelly Assistant Commandant for Reserve (CG-R)
Ms. JANE B. KIGGINS Director of Financial Operations/Comptroller
Mr. James Knight Deputy Assistant Commandant for Acquisition and Director of Acquisition Services (CG-9D and CG-92)
Rear Admiral Miriam L. Lafferty United States Northern Command
Mr. Jeffrey G. Lantz Director of Commercial Regulations and Standards (CG-5PS)
Mr. Calvin Lederer Deputy Judge Advocate General & Deputy Chief Counsel (CG-094D)
Rear Admiral Carola List Assistant Commandant for Engineering & Logistics (CG-4)
Rear Admiral Kevin E. Lunday Deputy for Materiel Readiness
Commodore Alex Malewski National Commodore Coast Guard Auxiliary
Rear Admiral John W. Mauger Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy (CG-5P)
Rear Admiral Brendan C. McPherson Military Advisor to the Secretary
Mr. Justin T. Meyer Deputy Director of Acquisition Programs (CG-93D)
Rear Admiral Nathan A. Moore Seventeenth District Commander (D17)
Rear Admiral John P. Nadeau Eighth District Commander (D8)
Dr. Donna (Mischell) Navarro Deputy Assistant Commandant for Human Resources (CG-1)
Rear Admiral Joanna Nunan Deputy for Personnel Readiness
Rear Admiral Brian Penoyer Commander, Eleventh Coast Guard District
Vice Admiral Steven D. Poulin Atlantic Area Commander
Mr. Gary Rasicot Special Assistance to VCG
Rear Admiral M. W. (Joe) Raymond Commander, Coast Guard Force Readiness Command
Ms. Lisa Schleder-Kirkpatrick Deputy Assistant Commandant for Capability (CG-7D)
Admiral Karl Schultz Commandant of the Coast Guard
Rear Admiral Matthew W. Sibley Fourteenth District Commander (D14)
Rear Admiral Andrew M. Sugimoto Assistant Commandant for Intelligence (CG-2)
Vice Admiral Paul F. Thomas Deputy Commandant for Mission Support
Rear Admiral Dana Thomas Director of Health, Safety & Work-life (CG-11)
Rear Admiral Richard V. Timme Eighth District Commander (D8)
Ms. Dana S Tulis Emergency Management (CG-5RI)
Captain Thomas J Walcott Chaplain of the Coast Guard
Rear Admiral Todd Wiemers Assistant Commandant for Capability

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