EFT/ACH Member Payment Enrollment Form

For commercial vendors, please register your EFT/ACH information through the System for Award Management web site at this address: www.sam.gov

Attention Vendors, Coast Guard, TSA and CWMD members:

Please complete and submit the FSMS Supplier Request Form (EFT/ACH Member Enrollment Form replacement for FSMS), which is used for Electronic Fund Transfer and Automated Clearing (ACH) payments. Recipients of these payments should bring this information to the attention of their financial institution.

To Submit:

  1. Open and complete the FSMS Supplier Request Form.
  2. Save the completed FSMS Supplier Request Form.
  3. Email as attachment (password protected PDF format) to FIN-SMB-FSMS-VendorSupport@uscg.mil with Subject of "FSMS Supplier Request Form (Last Name)".
  4. Send password in a separate email to FIN-SMB-FSMS-VendorSupport@uscg.mil with Subject of "Additional Information (Last name)".

For questions on the FSMS Supplier Request Form please send email to FIN-SMB-FSMS-VendorSupport@uscg.mil.