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Personally Procured Move Program (PPM)


The JTR has been revised to allow 100 % PPM reimbursement (up from 95%).  This is COVID-specific and temporary, effective 26 May 2020 through TBD expiration date. 
Click here for JTR Revisions Document

The Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR), Chap. 5 U5320-D, The Personally Procured Move Program (PPM) formerly Do-it-Yourself (DITY) Move is designed to provide the military member an alternative to move their household goods on their own when they have an entitlement to ship or store HHG in connection with a PCS/TDY move, special storage, local move, etc. In conjunction with JFTR U5320-D6, the Government Constructed Cost (GCC) is determined by using the Best Value methodology for the channel and the actual HHG weight NTE the member's authorized maximum HHG weight allowance. For domestic shipments the GCC includes the following “Best Value” charges, linehaul, packing and unpacking, linehaul factor charges at origin and destination. For international shipments the GCC includes the Best Value surface “Single Factor Rate".

We have prepared a comprehensive checklist to ensure you have completed all items prior to submitting your PPM Claim to the Finance Center for processing. This checklist will ensure we have all the required documents and will allow us to process your claim as quickly as possible. Click on the link below to open and print the checklist.

ADVANCE PAYMENT: Under this program military member can receive reimbursement up to 100% of the GCC if they hire their own carrier, or up to 60% advance payment of an incentive of 95% of the GCC, if they move the property on their own. An operating allowance can be authorized to defray out pocket moving expense (rental equipment). An advance of funds not to exceed 60% of the incentive is only authorized to cover packing materials, rental trucks and other MISC expenses that pertain directly to the move. Written estimates MUST be given to the transportation officer. Advances will NOT be authorized for members solely using their POV. Please see ALCOAST 070/12.

Note: Members should be aware that their PPM is subject to review for excess cost. Additionally, overpayment on an advance of funds, or final settlement of PPM claim could result in a debit collection action by FINCEN.


 PPM Checklist
(as of June 2023)


For questions or comments about Personally Procured Move (PPM) please contact Customer Service at (757) 523-6940.

For web inquiries, which is very highly recommended, go to our Payment Status inquiry web page.