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FACTSHEET | Feb. 5, 2019


The Coast Guard operates 202 fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft – airplanes and helicopters – to support its work as a law enforcement arm, a military service branch, and a seafaring service. Nearly all Coast Guard aircraft have some role in homeland security operations, and some are now armed. 

The Coast Guard operates its aviation fleet on the principle that it cannot afford a fleet of aircraft intended solely for specialized missions, and has concentrated on aircraft that can carry out a wide range of diversified missions.


U.S. Coast Guard Aircraft - 201 Total


MH-65D (Helicopter) 102

HC-144 (Airplane) 18

MH-60T (Helicopter) 44

HC-27J (Airplane) 8

HC-130H (Airplane) 18

C-37A (Airplane) 2

HC-130J (Airplane) 9