Vice Admiral Nathan A. Moore Commander, Atlantic Area
Rear Admiral Rebecca Ore Assistant Commandant for Intelligence (CG-2)
Rear Admiral Miriam L. Lafferty Assistant Commandant for Reserve (CG R)
Rear Admiral Joseph R. Buzzella J-7 Director of Force Development
Rear Admiral Russell E. Dash Commander, Personnel Service Center
Ms. Jennifer Sinclair Deputy Commander, Force Readiness Command (FORCECOM)
Ms. Amber H. Stein Deputy Director of Acquisition Programs
Rear Admiral Jeffrey K. Randall Commander, Force Readiness Command
Rear Admiral Mike E. Campbell Director of Acquisition Programs Program Executive Officer (CG-93)
Mr. Robert (Bob) Thomas, SES Director, Shore Infrastructure Bill Execution Program
Mr. John Bragaw Acting Deputy Assistant Commandant for Engineering & Logistics (CG-4D)
Rear Admiral Amy Grable Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics (CG-4)
Rear Admiral Charles E. Fosse Commander, 13th Coast Guard District
Rear Admiral William (Bill) G. Dwyer Chief Prosecutor of the Coast Guard
Rear Admiral Will E. Watson Director of Governmental and Public Affairs (CG-092)
Rear Admiral Richard E. Batson Judge Advocate General and Chief Counsel
Rear Admiral Michael H. Day Commander of the Fourteenth Coast Guard District
Commodore Gus Formato National Commodore Coast Guard Auxiliary
Rear Admiral Jo-Ann F. Burdian Assistant Commandant for Response Policy (CG-5R)
Rear Admiral Wayne R. Arguin Jr. Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy (CG-5P)
Rear Admiral David C. Barata Eighth District Commander (D8)
Rear Admiral Christopher A. Bartz Assistant Commandant for C4 & IT
Rear Admiral Michael E. Platt Military Advisor to the Secretary U. S. Department of Homeland Security
Ms. Blanca A. Sanchez Director, Civilian Human Resources, Diversity & Leadership Directorate
Mr. Jeremy R. Gauthier Director, Coast Guard Investigative Service
Mr. Edward J. Gibbons Director of the Contracting and Procurement Modernization Task Force
Rear Admiral John C. Vann Coast Guard Cyber Command
Rear Admiral Douglas M. Schofield Seventh District Commander (D7)
Rear Admiral Frank Schaefer Senior Reserve Officer Deputy Commandant for Operations
Admiral Steven D. Poulin Vice Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard
Admiral Linda L. Fagan Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard
Mr. Calvin Lederer Deputy Judge Advocate General & Deputy Chief Counsel (CG-094D)
Ms. Holly A. Haverstick Director, International Affairs and Foreign Policy Advisor
Mr. John S. Luce Director National Pollution Funds Center (NPFC)
Vice Admiral Andrew J. Tiongson Commander, Pacific Area
Rear Admiral Megan Dean Commander, 17th Coast Guard District
Rear Admiral Melvin W. Bouboulis Thirteenth District Commander (D13)
Vice Admiral Paul F. Thomas Deputy Commandant for Mission Support
Rear Admiral M. W. (Joe) Raymond Assistant Commandant for Military Personnel (CG-1M)
Rear Admiral Carola List Commander, Operational Logistics Command
Rear Admiral Chad L. Jacoby Assistant Commandant for Acquisition & Chief Acquisition Officer (CG-9)
Dr. Terri A. Dickerson Director Civil Rights Staff (CG-00H)
Vice Admiral Peter W. Gautier Deputy Commandant for Operations
Dr. Donna (Mischell) Navarro Acting Assistant Commandant of Human Resources and Senior Advisor for Diversity and Inclusion
Rear Admiral Melvin W. Bouboulis Director of Operational Logistics (DOL)
Rear Admiral Shannon Gilreath Commander Fifth Coast Guard District
Ms. Lisa Schleder-Kirkpatrick Deputy Assistant Commandant for Capability (CG-7D)
Rear Admiral Jon P. Hickey Ninth District Commander
Ms. JANE B. KIGGINS Director of Financial Operations/Comptroller
Rear Admiral Todd Wiemers Assistant Commandant for Capability (CG-7)
Rear Admiral Andrew M. Sugimoto Eleventh District Commander (D11)
Rear Admiral Brendan C. McPherson Deputy Commander, Coast Guard Pacific Area
Rear Admiral Dana Thomas Director of Health, Safety & Work-life (CG-11)
Rear Admiral Thomas G. Allan Jr Director of Operations – J3
Rear Admiral Laura M. Dickey Deputy for Materiel Readiness
Rear Admiral John W. Mauger First District Commander (D1)
Rear Admiral Brian Penoyer Talent Management Transformation Task Force
Rear Admiral Michael P. Ryan Deputy for Operations, Policy & Capabilities
Mr. Michael D. Emerson Director Marine Transportation Systems Management (CG-5PW)
Mr. Jeffrey G. Lantz Director of Commercial Regulations and Standards (CG-5PS)
Ms. Dana S Tulis Director, Emergency Management (CG-5RI)
Mr. James Knight Deputy Assistant Commandant for Acquisition and Director of Acquisition Services (CG-9D and CG-92)
Mr. Gary Rasicot Deputy for Personnel Readiness (DCMS-DPR)
Mr. Craig A. Bennett Assistant Commandant for Resources Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Honorable Walter J. Brudzinski Chief Administrative Law Judge