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 CGD-181005-305-017.PDFA Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century SeapowerAmerica’s Sea Services—the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard—uniquely provide presence around the globe. During peacetime and times of conflict, across the full spectrum—from supporting an ally with humanitarian assistance or disaster relief to deterring or defeating an adversary in kinetic action—Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen are deployed at sea and in far-flung posts to be wherever we are needed, when we are needed. Coming from the sea, we get there sooner, stay there longer, bring everything we need with us, and we don’t have to ask anyone’s permission.3/31/2015
 Maritime Commerce Strategic OutlookMaritime Commerce Strategic OutlookAs a multi-mission, maritime armed force, with unique law enforcement, intelligence, and regulatory authorities, the Coast Guard ensures the safety, security, and stewardship of our Nation’s waters from internal waters to the outer limits of the 200-nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and beyond. The Coast Guard leverages its unique authorities, jurisdiction, and operational capabilities to safeguard the effi cient and economical movement of maritime commerce through the MTS. No other U.S. Government agency can have such far-reaching impact within the maritime domain.10/11/2018
 CGD-181005-822-019.PDFArctic StrategyAs Arctic ice recedes and maritime activity increases, the Coast Guard must be prepared to administer and inform national objectives over the long-term. The United States is an Arctic nation, and the Coast Guard supports numerous experienced and capable partners in the region. The aim of this strategy is to ensure safe, secure, and environmentally responsible maritime activity in the Arctic. This strategy establishes objectives to meet this aim and support national policy. Framed with a planning horizon of 10 years, it delineates the ends, ways, and means for achieving strategic objectives while articulating factors that contribute to long-term success.5/31/2013
 CGD-181009-079-010.PDFStrategic Challenges Facing our Nation - U.S. Coast Guard PerspectiveCombating Transnational Organized Crime in our Hemisphere, Preserving Sovereignty and Expanding Access and Presence in the Polar Regions, Protecting Critical Infrastructure from all-domain Threats, Including Cyber, Facilitating Maritime Commerce, Building the 21st Century Coast Guard12/2/2016
 Commandant’s Guiding Principles 2018-2022Commandant’s Guiding Principles 2018-2022Commandant’s Guiding Principles 2018-20225/30/2018
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