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 CGD-181005-497-018.PDFU.S. Coast Guard and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fleet PlanThe USCG and NOAA share a legacy of collaboration stretching back to the beginning of our Nation. Over 207 years of mutual interests and intersecting missions have given rise to productive partnerships in the maritime and atmospheric domains. Common throughout these partnerships is reliance upon people and capital assets – uniformed service members and civilian personnel, ships, boats, aircraft, satellites, and autonomous and remotely piloted vehicles. These resources are employed to support our Nation’s economic welfare and sustain our natural resources. They also form the basis of, and contribute to, the United States’ ability to project soft sea power.10/31/2014
 U.S. Coast Guard Climate FrameworkU.S. Coast Guard Climate FrameworkThe Coast Guard’s Climate Framework focuses on preparedness, resilience, and collaboration with partners and stakeholders to best position the Coast Guard for the challenges climate change presents to all of us.2/24/2023
 U.S. Coast Guard OverviewU.S. Coast Guard OverviewThe over 56,000 members of the Coast Guard operate a multi-mission, interoperable fleet of 243 Cutters, 201 fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, and over 1,600 boats. Operational control of surface and air assets is vested in two Coast Guard geographical Areas (Pacific and Atlantic), nine Coast Guard Districts, and 35 Sectors located at strategic ports throughout the country. Six Mission Support Logistics and Service Centers provide services for operational assets and shore facilities. Coast Guard program oversight, policy development, and personnel administration are carried out at Coast Guard Headquarters located on the St. Elizabeths campus in Washington, DC.11/9/201711/1/2022
 U.S. Coast Guard StrategyU.S. Coast Guard StrategyUnited States Coast Guard Strategy10/12/2022
 FY2021_BUDGET_OVERVIEW_WEB.PDFUnited States Coast Guard Posture Statement 2021 Budget OverviewUnited States Coast Guard Posture Statement 2021 Budget Overview2/18/2020
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