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 Ready Workforce 2030Ready Workforce 2030The resiliency, flexibility, and adaptability of our workforce is at the heart of what has made the Coast Guard successful for well over 200 years, and it remains our greatest strength. However, the environment the Coast Guard must navigate to build its force has changed dramatically since 2000 and increasingly since the start of 2020.5/11/2022
 CGD-181005-596-023.PDFSecurity Sector Assistance StrategySuccessful Coast Guard-led development programs are built around a three-strand critical path emphasizing vessel operation, vessel sustainment and boarding party employment; without which coast guards and navies, regardless of size, cannot deter or defeat threats from the sea. Achieving and sustaining self-sufficiency in these core areas requires an equal or greater investment in designing and institutionalizing an array of support systems, processes, policies and authorities which are addressed elsewhere in this strategy.7/31/2015
 CGD-181005-449-028.PDFSexual Assault Prevention, Response, and RecoverySexual assault remains a significant problem affecting every segment of our society. It is a tragedy whenever it occurs and has no place in our Coast Guard. It is incompatible with our American values and our military culture. Sexual assault undermines our morale, degrades our readiness, damages our mission performance, breaks our obligation to one another, and erodes public trust in the nation’s Armed Forces. We have made noteworthy progress since the release of the 2013-2017 Coast Guard Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Strategic Plan, but until we have eliminated this behavior, we will continue to work to execute the objectives within this plan.8/23/2018
 CGD-181009-079-010.PDFStrategic Challenges Facing our Nation - U.S. Coast Guard PerspectiveCombating Transnational Organized Crime in our Hemisphere, Preserving Sovereignty and Expanding Access and Presence in the Polar Regions, Protecting Critical Infrastructure from all-domain Threats, Including Cyber, Facilitating Maritime Commerce, Building the 21st Century Coast Guard12/2/2016
 CGD-181005-592-020.PDFThe Cutters, Boats, and Aircraft of the U.S. Coast GuardProfessionally and proficiently operated by the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard,, the service’s cutters, aircraft, and boats are standing by 24/7 to respond to safety and security threats in all weather conditions, day or night. As the lead federal agency in the maritime domain for law enforcement, incident response, homeland security, and disaster management, these specialized capabilities enable the Coast Guard to save lives, protect the environment, enforce federal laws on the high seas, and defend the homeland.7/31/2016
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