A History of Navy Chaplains Serving with the U.S. Coast Guard

A History of Navy Chaplains Serving with the U.S. Coast Guard

I found that the ethos and leadership style of the Coast Guard was more akin to the Marine Corps than what I had experienced with the Navy. I sensed a high level of professionalism, with the ability and willingness to perform the many tasks required of a small unit. –Stanley J. Beach, Second Chaplain Coordinator of the Coast Guard

I loved the job. Because of the mission, there’s an altruistic quality behind every person in the Coast Guard. As chaplains in the Coast Guard, we’re humanitarians serving humanitarians. –Thomas Keith Chadwick, Fourth Chaplain of the Coast Guard

 My tour as Chaplain of the Coast Guard was the most fulfilling, rewarding and fun job I’ve ever had. The Coast Guard appreciates chaplains—it makes it very satisfying.  –Leroy Gilbert, Sixth Chaplain of the Coast Guard

To be around the leaders of the Coast Guard, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard, all the decision makers, working for the Commandant, hearing what’s going on around the world—that’s an awesome feeling, to be a part of it. For me though, the very best part was working with the chaplains. The camaraderie was at a level I hadn’t experienced before. When we got together, it was valued time.  –Wilbur C. Douglass III, Seventh Chaplain of the Coast Guard

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