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This page contains an archive of shipmates messages from the Commandant of the Coast Guard.

Shipmates 28 Changes to Coast Guard Substance Abuse Policy
Shipmates 27 Honor our USCGC BLACKTHORN Shipmates with Proficiency
Shipmates 26 PY14 Guidance to Officer Selection Boards and Panels
Shipmates 25 Action to Address Delayed Opportunities for Enlisted Advancement and "A" Schools
Shipmates 24 Potential Sequestration (ALCOAST 074/13)
Shipmates 23 Coast Guard Birthday - Focus on Proficiency
Shipmates 22 PY13 Guidance to Officer Selection Boards and Panels
Shipmates 21 Final Action on the Administrative Investigation into the crash of CG-6017 that occurred on 7 July 2010
Shipmates 20 Fiscal Year 2013 Budget
Shipmates 19 Respect Our Shipmates - Duty Demands Courage
Shipmates 18 Respecting Our Shipmates - Labor Management Relations
Shipmates 17 Coast Guard Ethos
Shipmates 16 Final Action on Administrative Investigation Into Death of Coast Guardsman on 13 October 2010
Shipmates 15 Off-Duty Safety and Suicide Prevention Message
Shipmates 14 10th Anniversary of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks
Shipmates 13 Deployable Specialized Forces Stem to Stern Review Update
Shipmates 12 Guidance to Officer Selection Boards and Panels
Shipmates 11 Year of the Coast Guard Family
Shipmates 10 FY 2012 Budget
Shipmates 9 Commandant's Direction
Shipmates 8 Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010
Shipmates 7 SAFETY - Don't Let Your Guard Down
Shipmates 6 Guidance to Officer Selection Boards and Panels
Shipmates 5 Honor Our Profession
Shipmates 4 Steady the Service - Mission Support
Shipmates 3 Respect our Shipmates - Command Climate
Shipmates 2 My Guiding Principles
Shipmates 1 Setting the Watch


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