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This page contains an archive of Internet-releasable official Coast Guard messages released internally to the Coast Guard workforce by the Commandant of the Coast Guard, Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard, and Chaplain of the Coast Guard. 

ALCOAST 450/14 National Native American Heritage Month
ALCOAST 425/14 239th Birthday of the United States Navy
ALCOAST 386/14 67th Birthday of the United States Air Force
ALCOAST 385/14 National Hispanic Heritage Month
ALCOAST 367/14 PY 15 ADPL RADM Continuation Board
ALCOAST 344/14 Death of Retired Flag Officer
ALCOAST 330/14 224th Birthday of the United States Coast Guard
ALCOAST 326/14 Death of Retired Flag Officer
ALCOAST 315/14 PY15 Active Duty Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Selection Board
ALCOAST 311/14 Sustainability, Environmental and Energy Policy Statement
ALCOAST 303/14 Selection of Deputy Assistant Commandant for Resources and Deputy Chief Financial Officer
ALCOAST 290/14 Commandant's Independence Day Message - Service To Nation
ALCOAST 285/14 Commandant's Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy Statement
ALCOAST 284/14 Commandant's Diversity and Inclusion Policy Statement
ALCOAST 273/14 239th Birthday of the United States Army
ALCOAST 271/14 Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
ALCOAST 259/14 Promotion Year 2015 (PY15) Guidance to Officer Selection Boards and Panels
ALCOAST 252/14 Selection of Director of Financial Operations/Comptroller (CG-8C)
ALCOAST 236/14  Commandant's Change of Command

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