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Rating Force Notes

Rating Force Notes are only available internally and the individuals below may assist you in accessing them.

Rating Force Master Chiefs

Avionics Electrical Technician AET AETC Jon Hersey
Aviation Maintenance Technician AMT AMTCM Kit Harris
Aviation Survival Technician AST ASTCM Clay Hill
Boatswain's Mate BM BMCM Shawn Hoefling
Damage Controlman DC DCCM William Jette
Diver DV DVCM Paul Smith
Electrician's Mate EM EMCM Michael Brown
Electronics Technician ET Rolland Ellard
Food Service Specialist FS Justin Reed
Gunner's Mate GM GMCM Shane Jones
Health Services Technician HS HSCM Michael Aviles
Information Systems Technician IT ITCM Richard King
Intelligence Specialist IS ISCM John Holland
Investigator IV IVCM (S/A) Everett Baxter
Maritime Enforcement Specialist ME MECM Michael Karnoff
Machinery Technician MK MKCM Edward Lewis
Marine Science Technician MST MSTCM Christopher James
Musician MU MUCM Jonathan Towne
Operations Specialist OS OSCM Luke Cutburth
Public Affairs Specialist PA PACM Mike O'Berry
Storekeeper SK SKCM George Bou
Yeoman YN YNCM Dom Cruz


Last Modified 11/2/2015