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MCPOCG 90-Day Fitness Challenge

 2014 MCPOCG Fitness Challenge Kicks Off!

The 2014 MCPOCG Fitness Challenge kicks off January 6, 2014. All interested participants can register between 12/6/13 - 01/12/14. Teams consist of 6 - 8 members. However, for a competitive edge, we highly encourage 8-member teams.

When you are ready to sign up your team, go to the link http://hqs-spweb10-001:10124/sites/2014FC/SitePages/NewChallenge.aspx. This will take you to a SharePoint website for the MCPOCG Fitness Challenge. Click on "TeamSignUp" then click "Add Document." You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Team name
  • Team captain
  • Team alternate captain
  • Combined team weight.

Only the team captain and alternate team captain will be allowed to input weekly fitness points. The combined team weight will be used to calculate the "most combined team weight loss" category and used to calculate weight loss points at the end of the challenge. There is no official weigh in for the combined team weight, this will be done on the honor system. All team members must be listed on the sign-up sheet. If you have questions please refer to SharePoint site listed above.

CPO CC Clayton and LT Scott Carr are chairing this year’s MCPOCG Fitness Challenge. They will answer all questions pertaining to the Challenge and will implement changes, exceptions and apply bonus points. All questions can be submitted via http://hqs-spweb10-001:10124/sites/2014FC/Lists/Questions/AllItems.aspx

Do you know your Unit Health Promotion Coordinator? UHPCs are there to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Need a personal fitness plan? They can help! For more information on the UHPC program, visit

National Capital Region UHPCs:
YN1 Erick Carleton (CG-00)
PAC CC Clayton (CG-00B)
FSC Mary Brooks (CG-11D)
LTJG Margaret Ward (CG-12A)
CWO Anthony Giaccone (CG-131)
LCDR Kenneth Cutler (CG-451)
YN1 Quentin Ramos ( CG-5421)
MSTC Chris Mattice (CG-5335)
LT William Schultz (CG-5R)
LCDR Donald Shaffer (CG-651)
LCDR Michael Moyers (CG-7511)
Ms Rebecca Boice (CG-811)
LCDR Michael Hennessy (DCMS-832)
LTJG Jillian Hoffman (CG-DCO-A)
YN1 Michele Natale (CG-DCO-I)
PACS Daniel Tremper (CG-0922)
YN2 Kayla Castillo (CG-0945)
ITC Jason Huston (DCMS-81)
LT Christopher Brock (LANT-3 DET NCC)
YN1 Mike Kyser (BASE NCR PSD)
YN1 Juan Deliz (BASE NCR HSWL)
YN3 Cristofer Madrid (BASE NCR PSD)
LT Derek Fine (CG-7312)
Last Modified 1/7/2014