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Chief's Call to Indoctrination (CCTI) 2016


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MCPOCG Standing Orders

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Request Retirement Appreciation Letter

Please download the MCPOCG Retirement Appreciation Letter request form and submit the completed form, along with scanned retirement orders, to YN3 James Lesko.

Be advised that it is not the policy of this office to send a MCPOCG challenge coin to every retiree, due to budgetary constraints and the volume of retirees. The MCPOCG's challenge coin is reserved for recognition of specific personal accomplishments, generally in person.

"Words of Wisdom"

If you are currently participating in a Chief's Call to Indoctrination and would like to request Words of Wisdom from the current Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard and Silver Ancient Mariner, fill out this request form and follow the instructions at the bottom to submit it to the appropriate POC.

If you wish to request Words of Wisdom from a former/retired Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard, contact PACS Kyle Niemi or YNC Eric Lowe for instructions.

At no time are you to post, publish or share the contact information that you are given with anyone except your fellow Prospective Chief Petty Officers. Do not pass the contact information to other Chiefs Messes, and do not pass the contact info to the next batch of PCPOs going through CCTI in your area. Everyone needs to request the contact information from this office during each CCTI season.

Why? Because retaining and sharing the contact information of former MCPOCGs would be a violation of their privacy (as you are not authorized to share the information) and because there will come a point in time when each former MCPOCG is no longer interested in participating. And, we do not want people to continue to contact them after that point. Our office will maintain a roster of the former MCPOCGs who are willing to participate and the appropriate contact information.

After you've been given their contact information, follow these instructions:


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Last Modified 5/13/2016