CANAPS Summary


The Ceiling and Number Assignment Processing System (CANAPS) automates and centralizes the creation and management of project numbers and ceilings for Federally funded responses initiated by Federal On-Scene Coordinators (FOSCs).

CANAPS is a Web-based tool available at:


CANAPS collects basic incident information via a user-friendly, Internet "wizard" and immediately assigns a project number and the requested spending ceiling - up to a preset limit. An email confirmation of the project number and ceiling is sent to the requesting FOSC. CANAPS then creates the required official message and releases it through the Coast Guard Messaging System (CGMS).


Ceiling and Project Limits

Federal Project Numbers (FPNs) can be opened by EPA and USCG FOSCs for the removal of oil using the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund (OSLTF).

CERCLA Project Numbers (CPNs) can be opened by USCG FOSCs for the removal of hazardous substances using Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) funds. The EPA has its own process for opening Superfund projects outside of CANAPS.

The need to manage the respective funds requires limits to the amount of money that can be obligated automatically by the CANAPS system before having to speak to the National Pollution Funds Center (NPFC).

  • The USCG can open FPNs up to $500K and CPNs up to $249,999.
  • The EPA can open FPNs up to $50,000.

These thresholds are subject to change based on the availability of funds. Additional money is available. If the project is going to grow beyond these limits, contact the NPFC to request additional funding.


User IDs and Passwords

Access to CANAPS is controlled by use ofuser IDs and passwords, which are administered by the NPFC and are specific to the FOSC's Unit or Region. Access keys are changed quarterly.


Enter Email Addresses Carefully!

In order for CANAPS to send you an email confirmation of your request, the email address entered has to be correct. If incorrect, you will not receive the project number and ceiling information, even though CANAPS has processed your request.

Use your entire email address (e.g.,, doe.john@, or


CANAPS Problem Resolution

CANAPS should respond directly on the screen with a response to your request. If it does not respond within a minute or so, call the NPFC Command Duty Officer (CDO), who will check on the status of your request.

NPFC recommends that you print the response screen in case the confirmation email is delayed.

A confirmation email with the assigned project number and authorized ceiling should arrive shortly after the screen response. If it does not arrive within 30 minutes, call the NPFC as this may be a system problem and System Administrators may have to be called to correct it.

If your web browser cannot find the CANAPS system or you do not have a Web-enabled computer, contact another FOSC who can submit the request as a surrogate for you.

Any FOSC can be a surrogate for any other FOSC in their agency; any EPA FOSC can open an FPN for any other EPA FOSC, and any USCG FOSC can open a project for any other USCG FOSC. In addition, a USCG FOSC can open a project for an EPA FOSC.

During core working hours (0700 to 1530 EST) FOSCs may call the NPFC. To expedite an after-hours request, the surrogate must have 24-hour access to a computer. The cognizant USCG District Command Center may also be called. If the issue cannot be resolved, call the NPFC CDO. In the case of system failure, the NPFC can open the project manually.