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There is a temporary problem with CANAPS website's security certificate. When you access CANAPS and receive this screen, click "continue to this website" to access the application. TISCOM is working on the issue. This banner will be removed once the issue is fixed.

Due to increased DHS and DOD Security Requirements, the way CANAPS User Accounts are structured and managed must be changed.

DHS 4300A and NIST 800-053 controls require individual user accounts. On January 11, 2011 at 0600 EST, the structure and management of CANAPS User Accounts will change in order to comply with these security requirements.

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The Ceiling And Number Assignment Processing System (CANAPS) issues Federal and CERCLA project numbers and authorized ceiling limits for funding certain removal actions associated with oil and hazardous waste spills.

EPA and USCG Federal On-Scene Coordinators (FOSCs) use the Web-based system to generate, amend, cancel, and check the status of FPNs for oil spills. USCG FOSCs can also use the system for CPNs for hazmat incidents.

From this page, you may:

  • Access CANAPS (authorized users only),
  • Download a user manual and other documentation on the system see box at right).

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For New Users

CANAPS is designed to require little training; the software is developed in a wizard format, and online help is provided for each screen.

The best way to learn how to use CANAPS is to have a copy of the Field User Tutorial (1.5 MB PDF) handy as you work through each step of the wizard. You are also encouraged to review the CANAPS documentation.