Online Form and Filing Assistance

The rules of practice and procedure, describing how to file documents in Suspension and Revocation proceedings, can be found at 33 C.F.R. Part 20, Subpart C. Each party is solely responsible for advocating their case and deciding what documents to file. Once a document is filed, it becomes part of the official record, which can be viewed by the public. 33 C.F.R. § 20.903 All sensitive personally identifiable information, classified, and other privileged information will be redacted prior to public release.

Common Documents & Templates

Templates for the most commonly filed documents are provided below. Parties can choose to use these templates or create their own documents. However, all documents filed must meet the requirements listed in 33 C.F.R. Part 20, Subpart C. Please click on the below links to access the named template:

Service of Documents

An original of each document filed must be served on the Hearing Docket Clerk. The preferred method of service is email. Parties can electronically submit their documents to the Hearing Docket Clerk at  In addition to email, parties may also serve the Hearing Docket Clerk via mail, express courier, personal delivery, or fax. 33 C.F.R. § 20.304. Contact information for the Hearing Docket Clerk is:

United States Coast Guard
Administrative Law Judge Docketing Center
Attn: Hearing Docket Clerk, Room 412
40 South Gay Street
Baltimore, MD 21201-4022
Tel: (866) 612-7524 / (410) 962-5100
Fax: (877) 243-3453

In addition to serving the Hearing Docket Clerk, copies of each document must also be served on the Investigating Officer and Judge assigned to your case. The Notice of Assignment (issued after an answer is filed) will list all parties and contact information for service of filed documents.