General Suspension and Revocation Information

This site provides a central location that mariners, attorneys, or the general public can use to quickly access general information, sample forms, program contact information, press releases, rules of practice, laws and regulations, ALJ decisions, Appeal decisions and other pertinent information relating to the USCG Suspension and Revocation process. This information is intended solely for general purposes and should not be considered a substitute for the advice of an attorney.

Suspension & Revocation (S&R) Hearing Procedures
General overview of the procedures used by Administrative Law Judges in Suspension and Revocation Hearings
Laws Governing Administrative Proceedings in the Coast Guard
Links to the primary statutes that relate to Coast Guard Administrative Proceedings.
Online Form and Filing Assistance
Information that provides respondents and their counsel assistance for generating and filing the most commonly used forms in S&R proceedings.
Published Articles of Interest
Links to articles of interest that have been published.
Research Links
Free research links.
Rules concerning Merchant Mariner Investigations
Links to rules and regulations that concern suspension and revocation of credentials, casualty investigations, drug testing and NTSB appeals
Rules of Practice, Procedure and Evidence
Links to the rules of practice and procedure for administrative proceedings
Subpoena Information
Information related to subpoenas from the Rules of Practice, Procedure and Evidence for Formal Administrative Proceedings in the Coast Guard.