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The  Coast Guard Band produces CD recordings for public relations, educational purposes, public libraries, and morale purposes. Please contact the Band Administration desk for more information at (860) 701-6115, or mail your request to:
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Album Track listing


Released in 2017

Heavy Weather: The Music of Jess Langston Turner

  1. Black Bolt!
  2. Concertino Caboclo
         MU1 Laura Pirruccello, flute and piccolo
  3. Heavy Weather, I. Heat Wave
        a. Upper-level High
        b.101 and Rising
  4. Heavy Weather, II. Supercell/Threnody and Dissipation
         MUC Adam Crowe, tuba
  5. Reanimations
         MU1 Joel Baroody and MU1 Tom Brown, trumpets


Released in 2016

 Ready for the Call

  1. Ready for the Call - MUC Sean Nelson
  2. On the Scene - MUC Sean Nelson
  3. Chants d'Auvergne - Joseph Canteloube, arr. MUC Sean Nelson
    3.La pastoura als camps
    Tres Bourrees
    5.a.L'aio de rotso
    6.b.Ound'onoren gorda?
    7.c.Obal, din lou limouzi

              MU1 Megan Weikleenget, soprano
              MU1 Leah Craft, oboe and MUC Kelly Hurrell, clarinet

8. Anthem - MU1 Robert Langslet

Songs of Kurt Weill - arr. MU1 Robert Langslet
    9. "What Good Would the Moon Be" from Street Scene
    10. "My Ship" from Lady in the Dark
    11. "I'm a Stranger Here Myself" from One Touch of Venus
           MU1 Megan Weikleenget, soprano

12. Marche Jejune - MU1 Robert Langslet
13. Concerto in Rock - MUCS Andrew Grenci
              MUCS Andrew Grenci, bass clarinet

14. Always Ready - MU1 Robert Langslet
15. Into the Oceans and the Air - MUC Sean Nelson
16. Armed Forces Medley - arr. MUC Sean Nelson



Released in 2016

 Forever Free - the Music of Kenneth Fuchs

  1. Discover the Wild
  2. Christina's World
  3. United Artists
  4. Rush (mvt 1)
  5. Rush (mvt 2)
  6. From the Field to the Sky
  7. Forever Free


Released in 2014

 John Williams for Winds - Music for Cinema and Beyond

Disc 1

  1. A Hymn to New England - Williams/adapted by Paul Lavender
  2. Adventures on Earth (from E.T.) - Williams/trans Lavender
  3. Sugarland Express - Williams/trans. Stephen Bulla
         MUC Elizabeth Detweiler Jackson, flute
  4. Out to Sea and The Shark Cage Fugue (from Jaws) - WIlliams/trans. Bocook
  5. The Cowboys Overture - Williams/trans Bocook
  6. Adventures of Mutt (from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) - Williams/trans. Lavender
  7. Midway March - Williams/trans. Lavender
  8. Viktor's Tale (from The Terminal) - Williams/trans. Lavender
  9. Raiders March - Williams/trans. Lavender
  10. Star Wars: Main Title - Williams/trans. Bulla
  11. The Patriot - Williams/arr. Tim McMillen

Disc 2

  1. Summon the Heroes - Williams/arr. Lavender
           MU1 Thomas Brown, trumpet
  2. The Reivers - Williams/trans. Lavender
          George C. White, narrator  MUC Adam Crowe, tuba
  3. Fanfare for Fenway - Williams

    Escapades (from Catch Me If You Can) - Williams/trans. Bulla
  4.   Closing In
  5.   Reflections
  6.   Joy Ride
            MU1 Greg Case, alto saxophone, MU1 Nathan Lassell, vibraphone, MUC Mark McCormick, bass,  
                                                                 Heather Yanovitch, violin

  7. A Nostalgic Jazz Odyssey - Williams
            MU1 Greg Case, alto saxophone, MUC Joshua Thomas, alto saxophone, MUC Adam Williamson, tenor saxophone, MU1 Cedric Mayfield, tenor saxophone, MUC Jeff Emerich, baritone saxophone, MUC Elizabeth Jackson, flute, MU1 Sean Nelson, trombone, MU1 Nathan Lassell, drums, MUC Mark McCormick, bass


Released in 2014

 Dixieland Jazz Band: Lonesome Road

  1. You Rascal You
  2. Milenberg Joys
  3. They'll Be Some Changes Made
  4. St. Louis Blues
  5. Swing That Music
  6. That's a Plenty
  7. Bye Bye Blues
  8. New Orleans
  9. Sweet Substitute
  10. Royal Garden Blues
  11. Memphis Blues
  12. Down by the Riverside
  13. Lonesome Road


Released in 2011

Live in Taiwan

  1. Celebration Fanfare - Kevin Walcyzk
  2. Bum's Rush - Donald Grantham
  3. Fantasie for Euphonium - Gordon Jacob
         MUC James E. Jackson, III, euphonium

    Sinfonietta - Ingolf Dahl
  4. I. Introduction and Rondo
  5. II. Pastoral Nocturne
  6. III. Dance Variations

  7. Funeral Music for Queen Mary (after Purcell) - Steven Stuckey
  8. Heart of the Morn (from Touch of the Earth) - Herbert Owen Reed
          MU1 Megan Weikleenget, soprano
  9. Santa Fe Saga - Morton Gould
  10. Stars and Stripes Forever - John Philip Sousa

Released in 2009

 Live in Japan




Released in 2009

 Gardens of Stone

American Journey - John Williams/trans. Paul Lavender

  1.    Immigration and Rebuilding
  2.    Civil Rights and the Women's Movement
  3.    Popular Entertainment
  4.    Flight and Technology

  5. Mellow Sounds of the Radio Era - arr. Ian Frenkel
  6. Battle Hymn of the Republic - arr. Ian Frenkel
         MU1 Lisa Williamson, soprano
  7. American Anthem - Gene Scheer/arr. Ian Frenkel
  8. Gardens of Stone - James Beckel
        Admiral Thad W. Allen, Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard, narrator
  9. The NC-4 - Frederick E. Bigelow
  10. N.Y. Light Guards Quickstep - Francis Brown/arr. Roger Smith
  11. The Invincible Eagle - John Philip Sousa
  12. A Hymn for the Lost and Living - Eric Ewazen
  13. Semper Paratus - arr. CWO H.O. Jenks
  14. Semper Paratus - arr. Mayhew Lake
  15. Semper Paratus - arr. William C. Schoenfeld

Released in 2008

 Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Released in 2006

 American  Landscapes

Released in 2005

 Holiday Fanfare

 Liberty for All

  1. Fanfare for Freedom - Morton Gould
  2. Liberty for All - James Beckel
  3. Hail to the Spirit of Liberty - John Philip Sousa
  4. Music of Appreciation - Roger Nixon
  5. A Lincoln Address - Vincent Persichetti
  6. The Liberty Bell - John Philip Sousa
  7. Inchon - Robert W. Smith
  8. Vigil - Leland Forsblad
  9. The D.H.S. March - CDR Lewis J. Buckley
  10. Liberty Fanfare - John Williams
  11. America, of Thee I Sing - arr. Ian Frenkel


Released in 2006

The Russian Connection 

  1. Slavianka's Farewell - Vasily I. Agapkin
  2. Autumn Dream - Archibald Joyce

    Two Russian Songs
  3.    Snova
  4.    Skilko Vidano
            MU1 Lisa Taylor, soprano

    Three by Shostakovich from Jazz Suite No. 2 - Shostakovich/arr. de Meij
  5.    March
  6.    Lyric Waltz
  7.    Dance

  8. Frenkel a la Frenkel - Ian Abramavich Frenkel/arr. Ian Frenkel
  9. Dance of the Jesters - Tchaikovsky/arr. unknown
  10. Parade March - Semyon Tchernetsky
  11. Victory March - Ivanov Radkievich
  12. Concerto for Euphonium - Gregory Kalinkovich
            MUC Danny S. Vinson, euphonium
  13. March Slav - Tchaikovsky/arr. Tarajantz
  14. The Music Box - Anatole Lyodov
   Ceremonial Recordings