School Concerts 2022


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Dear Music Educator:  

The U.S. Coast Guard Band invites you and your students to attend its 35th annual School Concert Series in Leamy Hall Auditorium on the grounds of the historic U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. These age-specific performances allow students to experience an educational and entertaining hour-long performance by a world-class 50-piece Concert Band. In this year’s program, “Musical Pictures” led by Coast Guard Band Assistant Conductor CWO2 Jeffrey Spenner, students will join the United States Coast Guard Band in exploring how music can “paint a picture” and help convey emotions and tell stories. Pictures at this exhibition will showcase the various sections of the band and highlight how aspects like line, color, form, shape, and texture - no matter the artistic medium – all combine to a communicative end. Students will learn about visual arts and culture – with excursions into social studies – all through the lens of music in this interactive presentation.

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Please note: seats are reserved on a "first come, first served" basis. We look forward to seeing you!

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Teacher's Packets:
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The Coast Guard Band School Concerts have become a staple of our annual commitment to educating and entertaining Connecticut students. These concerts are performed several times each spring and are attended by over 7000 students in grades K-12.  Presented in Leamy Concert Hall at the USCG Academy, these educational and entertaining concerts utilize visual and storytelling elements to help students appreciate music while gaining valuable exposure to the Band and the Coast Guard.