Coast Guard Woodwind Quintet

One of our most popular and versatile ensembles, The United States Coast Guard Woodwind Quintet is comprised of members from the Coast Guard Band and presents the entire spectrum of standard woodwind quintet repertoire—from Renaissance works to show tunes, rags, and unpublished contemporary works. The Coast Guard Woodwind Quintet has performed at several noteworthy events since its inception in 1977, including government functions such as the dedication of Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, D.C., Vice Presidential receptions during the inaugural celebrations for Ronald W. Reagan, ceremonies welcoming foreign ambassadors, concerts at the White House and on Capitol Hill for members of Congress and other high ranking individuals such as the Commandant of the Coast Guard, Coast Guard dinners and receptions, and others. Additionally, the Quintet has traveled throughout Southeastern New England in support of their educational and community outreach mission, bringing performances and masterclasses to venues such as New England Conservatory, Manhattan School of Music, various OpSail locations and events, nursing homes, chamber music festivals, clinics, and national television audiences. In 2009, the group recorded La Nouvelle Orleans by Lalo Schifrin for release on a disc featuring The United States Coast Guard Band Chamber Players.

  • MUC Barrett Seals, oboe and group leader
  • MU1 Laura Pirruccello, flute
  • MUC Chantal Hovendick, clarinet
  • MU1 Bryce Nakaoka, horn
  • MU1 Thomas Reynolds, bassoon