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NPFC's Mission & Vision


NPFC's Mission

The NPFC has fiduciary responsibility to administer the OSLTF, manage the portion of the Superfund that the Coast Guard uses, and oversee the vessel financial responsibility provisions of OPA. In accordance with OPA and other pertinent legislative mandates, the NPFC implements programs to accomplish these seven objectives:

  • Administer the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund
  • Provide funding for federal removal actions in response to a discharge or a substantial threat of discharge of oil to navigable waters of the United States
  • Compensate claimants for OPA removal costs or damages
  • Provide funding to natural resource trustees for Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) and restoration
  • Recover OPA removal costs and damages from responsible parties (RPs)
  • Issue certificates of financial responsibility (COFRs) for vessels
  • Provide funding for Coast Guard responses to discharges or the substantial threats of a discharge of hazardous substances

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NPFC's Vision

The NPFC aspires to be the model fiduciary manager of a federal trust fund and the implementing agency of a premiere financial responsibility program. We realize our vision through quality; equitable and timely customer service; innovative leveraging of technology to increase productivity; and continuous focus on our regulatory mandates, as well as our stakeholders’ diverse interests.

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NPFC's Core Values

The NPFC recognizes that our values directly influence the manner in which we carry out our missions and fulfill our vision. NPFC’s values are:

  • To conduct our activities with the highest standards of professionalism and ethics and to treat all of our customers fairly.
  • To recognize our people as our most important asset and to fully empower them to carry out their assigned responsibilities, supported with necessary resources, held accountable for what they do, and rewarded for their accomplishments.
  • To ensure success and a balanced work-life environment through teamwork, fostering motivation, diversity, challenge, wellness, and personal growth.
  • To maximize productivity through the use of innovative information technology (IT).
  • To value and seek out input from our customers and use that input to continuously improve our work processes.
  • To embrace the Coast Guard’s core values of honor, respect, and devotion to duty.

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