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The U.S. Coast Guard Band


School Concert Series

The Coast Guard Band School Concerts have become a staple of our annual commitment to educating and entertaining Connecticut students. These concerts are performed several times each spring and are attended by over 7000 students in grades 4-8.  Presented in Leamy Concert Hall at the USCG Academy, these educational and entertaining concerts utilize visual and storytelling elements to help students appreciate music while gaining valuable exposure to the Band and the Coast Guard.

School concerts







Seven concert dates are scheduled during a two week period.  Separate programs are presented for elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.  School Concerts begin at approximately 10:00am and are 50 minutes in length.

Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis, At least one month before the concerts a confirmation email is sent to participating schools, along with a teacher info packet.

If you wish for your students to be among those in attendance, please write, call (860-701-6832), FAX (860-444-8475), or email Chief Musician Megan Sesma at  to schedule your school.

Last Modified 3/18/2015