ALJ Decisions: 2022

CDOA Docket Number Order Date Respondent Allegations Findings Order Type Citation Number


04/20/2022 Mark Stinziano Misconduct Proved in Part Suspension SR-2022-01
  2020-0477 06/02/2022 Nathaniel Jennings Use of or Addiction to Dangerous Drugs Proved Revocation SR-2022-02
  2021-0237 09/16/2022 Marquis Dickens Misconduct Proved in Part Revocation SR-2022-03
  2021-0628 09/20/2022 Eldon Russell Use of or Addiction to Dangerous Drug Proved Revocation SR-2022-04
  2021-0453 12/21/2022 Nathan Wilson National Driver Register Act Conviction and Conviction that would preclude issuance of MMC Proved Suspension SR-2022-05