ALJ Decisions: 2005




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2669 2002-0208 01/12/2005 Howard Lynch Failure to comply with Settlement Agreement Proved Revocation SR-2005-01
2664 2004-0292 01/25/2005 Patrick Shea Misconduct; Incompetence Proved Revocation SR-2005-02
  2004-0498 01/10/2005 Michael Taylor Use of dangerous drugs Proved Revocation SR-2005-03
2681 2004-0537 01/19/2005 Murray Rogers Misconduct; Violation of Law Order removing Investigating Officer from case and making IO witness Order confirming ruling on record SR-2005-04
  2004-0308 02/09/2005 John Pantoja Misconduct (Failure to disclose criminal conviction) Proved Revocation SR-2005-05
  2004-0509 02/09/2005 Heath Spence Misconduct Proved Suspension SR-2005-06
  2004-0347 02/10/2005 Michael McDuffie Use of Dangerous Drugs Proved Revocation SR-2005-07
2659 2004-0592 03/15/2005 Edward Duncan Misconduct (Operating under the Influence) Proved Suspension SR-2005-08
2681 2004-0537 03/25/2005 Murray Rogers Misconduct Violation of Law Dismissed Dismissal for Discovery SR-2005-09
  2004-0382 03/31/2005 Edmond Orgeron Negligence Proved Decision on Merits SR-2005-10
2658 2004-0501 04/06/2005 James Elsik Negligence Dismissed Dismissal for Discovery SR-2005-11
2658 2004-0501 04/06/2005 James Elsik Misconduct Dismissed Dismissal SR-2005-12
  2005-0576 04/19/2005 Kenneth Long Use of Dangerous Drugs Drug Continuance Rehab Continuance SR-2005-13
  2004-0654 04/25/2005 Mark Fischer Use of Dangerous Drugs Proved Revocation SR-2005-14
2678 2005-0008 06/10/2005 Wayne Savoie Drug Conviction Proved Suspension SR-2005-15


06/14/2005 Christopher Dresser Use of Dangerous Drugs Proved Revocation SR-2005-16
2663 2005-0012 07/08/2005 George Law Misconduct (Failure to Disclose Criminal Convictions) Proved  Suspension SR-2005-17
2683 2005-0192 07/08/2005 Michael Desimone Drug Conviction Proved Revocation SR-2005-18
2662 2004-0507 07/08/2005 William Voorhies Use of Dangerous Drugs Not Proved Dismissal SR-2005-19
  2005-0172 08/03/2005 William Palmer Use of Dangerous Drugs Proved Suspension SR-2005-20
  2005-0373 08/18/2005 Michael Neil Criminal Conviction Proved Revocation SR-2005-21
2660 2004-0534 08/22/2005 Clifford Blackmon Use of Dangerous Drugs Proved Revocation SR-2005-22
  2005-0071 10/13/2005 John Schmanski Drug Conviction Proved Summary Decision Revocation SR-2005-23
  2005-0212 10/21/2005 Michael Gratton Use of Dangerous Drugs Misconduct (Refusal to Take Drug Test) Proved Revocation SR-2005-24
  2004-0354 10/24/2005 Gary Bayless Use of Dangerous Drugs Proved Revocation SR-2005-25
  2004-0382 10/26/2005 Edmond Orgeron Negligence Sanction Order Suspension SR-2005-26
2676 2005-0403 11/08/2005 John Parker Negligence Misconduct Motion Denied Order denying motion to set aside default SR-2005-27
  2005-0278 11/10/2005 Johnny Dean Drug Conviction Proved  Revocation SR-2005-28
  2004-0069 11/16/2005 Terry Graham Negligence Proved Suspension SR-2005-29
  2005-0407 11/22/2005 Barry Trahan Misconduct (Refusal to Take Drug Test) Proved Revocation SR-2005-30
2671 2005-0016 11/30/2005 Roy Boudreaux Negligence Misconduct Dismissed Dismissal SR-2005-31
  2005-0247 12/06/2005 Seadon Whitsett Misconduct (Failure to Disclose Criminal Convictions) Proved Revocation SR-2005-32
  2004-0069 12/19/2005 Terry Graham Negligence Motion Granted Temporary License Granted SR-2005-33