ALJ Decisions: 2004




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2661 2003-0166 02/20/2004 Eric Shine Incompetence Proved by Summary decision Revocation SR-2004-01
  2003-0384 02/26/2004 James Collier Misconduct (Drug Test Refusal) Proved Revocation SR-2004-02
  2003-0338 03/01/2004 Ronald Lively Misconduct Proved Revocation SR-2004-03 
 2656 2003-0491 03/02/2004 Michael Jordan Misconduct (Drug Test Refusal) Default Revocation SR-2004-04
  2003-0329 03/23/2004 Jeffery Overstreet Negligence Misconduct Proved in Part Suspension SR-2004-05
  2003-0613 03/31/2004 Darrell Robinson Misconduct Proved Suspension SR-2004-06 
  2003-0365 04/01/2004 Kenneth Roussell Misconduct Proved Revocation SR-2004-07
2670 2003-0586 05/04/2004 Mark Wain Misconduct Proved Revocation SR-2004-08
  2003-0219 06/23/2004 Louis Champa Negligence Misconduct Proved Revocation (License Only) SR-2004-09
 2666 2003-0128 07/06/2004 Bruce Spence Misconduct Proved Revocation SR-2004-10
  2002-0208 07/20/2004 Paul Uccello Use of Dangerous Drugs Failed to meet requirements for random drug testing Order Revoking License for Failure to Comply with Settlement Agreement SR-2004-11
2665 2003-0432 09/14/2004 Dieter Dubroc Use of Dangerous Drugs Default Revocation SR-2004-12
2655 2004-0101 10/04/2004 John Kilgroe Incompetence Proved Endorsement as Wiper Revoked SR-2004-13
  2003-0628 10/07/2004 Ronald McDonald Use of Dangerous Drugs Motion for Default Denied Dismissed SR-2004-14
  2004-0144 Robert Landry Misconduct (Drug Test Refusal) Proved Revocation SR-2004-15 SR-2004-15
2667 2004-0316 10/13/2004 Aubrey Thompson Use of Dangerous Drugs, Misconduct Not Proved Dismissed SR-2004-16
  2003-0628 10/26/2004 Ronald McDonald Use of Dangerous Drugs Order Reopening the Record Previous Order Vacated SR-2004-17
2675 2004-0251 10/27/2004 Howard Mills Misconduct (Refused Alcohol Test) Not Proved Dismissed SR-2004-18
2672 2004-0351 10/28/2004 Clarence Marshall Misconduct (Drug Test Refusal) Not Proved Dismissed SR-2004-19
  2004-0426 10/29/2004 Chris Assevedo Misconduct Not Proved Dismissed SR-2004-20
  2004-0572 10/30/2004 Joshua Sheldrick Misconduct (Failure to disclose criminal convictions) Order Denying Motion for Summary Decision Motion for Summary Decision Denied SR-2004-21
  2004-0225 12/13/2004 Steven Calhoun Misconduct (Adulterated Urine Sample) Proved Revocation SR-2004-22
  2004-0182 12/13/2004 Eric Tart Use of Dangerous Drugs Proved Revocation SR-2004-23
  2003-0628 12/13/2004 Ronald McDonald Use of Dangerous Drugs Default Order Reconsidered Motion for Default and found Respondent in Default Revocation SR-2004-24
  2004-0572 12/15/2004 Joshua Sheldrick Misconduct (Failure to disclose criminal convictions) Order Granting Motion for Withdrawal Motion for Withdrawal Granted SR-2004-25