U.S. Coast Guard Motion Picture & Television Office

"Always Ready to Tell the Coast Guard's Story to America."


We provide assistance to fiction and non-fiction authors in the research and production of works that address the past and present missions and personnel of the U.S. Coast Guard.


Enhance public awareness and understanding of the U.S Coast Guard, its people, and its missions through a cooperative effort with the entertainment industry.


We assist with technical research and storyline development on Coast Guard related projects.

We provide stock footage of actual Coast Guard operations and stock footage of Coast Guard resources in action.

We arrange for filming and re-creations at Coast Guard facilities or on-board our cutters, small boats, and aircraft.

We coordinate interviews and travel requests for Coast Guard men and women.

We provide on-location technical advice, dialogue assistance, and coordination of all Coast Guard resources and people.

We complete rapid turnaround reviews of scripts, treatments, and rough-cuts to ensure accuracy, authenticity, and conformity to revocable production agreements.