Mission Support

The Coast Guard is Semper Paratus, "Always Ready" (CAC required) and we are committed to current and future readiness. We seek the best people, modern technology, resilient infrastructure and capable assets to meet the nation's needs. Every active duty, reserve, civilian and auxiliary member plays an integral role in mission execution.

The 1st Coast Guard District is responsible for protecting the American maritime community across eight states in the Northeast, including more than 2,000 miles of shoreline from the U.S.-Canadian border to northern New Jersey and 1,300 miles offshore.

1st District Support Providers

The 5th District is responsible for protecting 156,000 square miles of ocean, bays, rivers, wetlands and tidal marshes are unique and filled with historical significance, encompassing six states, vital geographic waterways, several major mid-Atlantic ports, the largest naval base in the world, and our Nation’s capital.

5th District Support Providers

Our goal is to get the right people, in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills, and the right support ... now and in the future.

7th District Support Providers

the 8th Coast Guard District is responsible for U.S. Coast Guard operations spanning 26 states, including the Gulf of Mexico coastline from Florida to Mexico, the adjacent offshore waters and outer continental shelf, as well as the inland waterways of the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, and Tennessee River systems.

8th District Support Providers

The 9th Coast Guard District is responsible for all Coast Guard operations throughout the five Great Lakes, the Saint Lawrence Seaway and parts of the surrounding states including 6,700 miles of shoreline and 1,500 miles of the international border with Canada.

9th District Support Providers

The 11th Coast Guard District encompasses the states of California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, the coastal and offshore waters out over thousand miles and the offshore waters of Mexico and Central America down to South America. Coast Guard operational units are located throughout the state of California,

11th District Support Providers

The Coast Guard 13th District comprises the Pacific Northwest and is the gateway to the North Pacific and Alaska. D13's Area of Responsibility encompasses four states and the entire Pacific Northwest coast. We also share a border with Canada to the north and California to the south.

13th District Support Providers

The 14th District’s boundaries of responsibility stretch from the Hawaiian Islands and across most of the Central and Western Pacific.

14th District Support Providers

The 17th District encompasses over 3,853,500 sq. miles and over 47,300 miles of shoreline throughout Alaska and the Arctic.

17th District Support Providers


Active Duty: 40,992

Reserve: 7,000

Civilian: 8,577

Auxiliary: 31,000

Total Workforce: 87,569
A Station South Padre Island boat crew pulls alongside a Lancha caught fishing illegally in gulf waters, Texas Dec. 11, 2015. Lanchas are Mexican fishing boats that poach thousands of pounds of wildlife from U.S. waters every year. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Air Station Corpus Christi)
The Coast Guard manages six major operational mission programs: maritime law enforcement, maritime response, maritime prevention, marine transportation system management, maritime security operations, and defense operations.

Coast Guardsmen from the Coast Guard Cutter Stratton from Alameda, Calif., unload narcotics from a smuggling vessel intercepted by the crew in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. (Coast Guard photo by Cutter Stratton)
Force Laydown
The Coast Guard has a presence on all seven continents and the world’s oceans, projecting national sovereignty with our icebreakers, national security cutters, high-endurance cutters, aviation assets, and deployable specialized forces.

Chief Warrant Officer Dustin Widman and Lt. j.g. Rebecca Grimes review ship logs and records with the captain and first mate aboard the bulk carrier Nikkei Verde at Nine Mile Anchorage on the lower Mississippi River, June 25, 2013. Widman and Grimes conducted a port state control inspection prior to the ship's entry into the Port of New Orleans. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Bill Colclough)
The library contains strategic documents and publications produced by the U.S. Coast Guard.