U.S. Coast Guard Art Collection

Through the compelling and inspiring medium of visual art, the Coast Guard Art Collection depicts the many missions performed by active duty, reserve and auxiliary service members. The artworks convey the myriad roles of the Coast Guard: as the nation's maritime first responder, as a key guardian of America's homeland security, as a protector of the country's maritime economy and as an important element in the fabric of our maritime communities.

Browser the art collection: https://www.dvidshub.net/tags/image/cogap-artwork/page/1

2020 Collection

Like the Service itself, the Coast Guard Art Program (COGAP) overcame the unprecedented concerns of the COVID virus to perform outstandingly. Coast Guard artists continued to contribute to COGAP, making the 2020 collection a superb one—and many are already looking for inspiration for next year’s submissions.  Because of these artists’ talent and donations, the program thrives as it educates audiences about the Coast Guard. In recognition of these remarkable contributions and the abiding support the program receives, U. S. Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Karl L. Schultz recorded these remarks July 8, 2020.

The 31 works by the 22 artists of the 2020 collection will be on exhibit until August 7, 2020 at the Salmagundi Club—COGAP’s co-sponsor— in New York City. These works can also be viewed at: COGAP Catalogue 2020. Selected works by COGAP member artist Robert Semler who passed away earlier this year are also on exhibit and can be viewed here: Semler selected artwork

The 2020 Collection artists are:  Daven Anderson, Acacia Anglin, Dennis Boom, Susanne Corbelletta, John Deckert, Amy Digi, James Dyekman, Fred Feiler, Frank Gaffney, Sandra Hart, Tom Hedderich, Richard Johnson, Anne Kullaf, Karen Loew, MK2 Jasen Newman, Hugh O’Connor, Oscar Romero, Jim Smith, MST3 Thomas Unger, Leendert van der Pool, Charles Van Horn and John Ward. The artists come from across the U.S.