Frequently Asked Questions:


Join the Coast Guard

Where can I get information about enlisting in the Coast Guard?

Where is the my closest Coast Guard Recruiting Office located?

How can I request more information about enlisting in the Coast Guard?

  • For information about career opportunities, benefits, programs etc., visit and complete the form to receive an email response and receive local recruiter information.

Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation (MWR)

Where can I get information about Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation (MWR) programs offered by the Coast Guard?

Is there somewhere I can find information on all of Coast Guard lodging facilities?

  • This information is available at this link: MWR Lodging

Boating Safety/Recreational Boating

Where can I get information on Boating Safety?

  • For information on the Coast Guard Recreational Boating Safety Program, including Defect Notifications; US Recreational Boating Statistics; Recreational Boating Regulatory Information; and Recreational Safe Boating Course Information visit

Where can I request a vessel safety check?

Where can I find local notice to mariners (LNMs)?

  • For local notices for mariners visit the US Coast Guard Navigation Center website,

Military Records/ID Cards

How do I retrieve a copy of of my/my family members' DD-214 or other service records?

How do I renew my military ID? How do I obtain ID card replacements for dependents/retirees?

  • For more information refer to DEERS

Ball caps, patches, and other memorabilia

Where can I get Coast Guard memorabilia?

  • The Coast Guard Exchange online store has USCG apparel and gifts available for purchase by authorized individuals (i.e. you are an active duty military member or a dependent thereof). If you are not authorized to shop at military exchanges, the military is prohibited by law to sell to you. You should search the Web for sites selling military memorabilia or check your local telephone book.