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The Office of Member Advocacy & Legal Assistance (CG-LMA), located in Washington, DC, is a multi-faceted organization responsible for providing members with legal services in four broad categories: Military Justice, Appellate Defense, Legal Assistance, and the Physical Disabilities Evaluation System (PDES).


Physical Disability Evaluation System (PDES)

Coast Guard members found not fit for continued service because of an injury or illness incurred in the line of duty are entitled to counsel beginning at the informal board level. Members are entitled to have counsel advocate on their behalf at both the informal and formal board levels. Alternatively, a member can decline detailed military counsel and hire a civilian attorney at his or her own cost. CG-LMA-A Judge Advocates further assist disabled members in making the transition from active duty to the civilian community by connecting them to vital services with other agencies such the Veterans Administration, the Navy Safe Harbor Program and the Social Security Administration.

PDES Frequently Asked Questions

PDES Member's Guide

Military Justice

The Defense Services Division (CG-LMA-D) provides qualified military defense counsel to Coast Guard members facing disciplinary proceedings and adverse personnel actions. This includes providing consultation for military justice concerns, representing members at administrative boards and courts-martial, and serving as detailed appellate defense counsel.   
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Legal Assistance

Additionally, legal counsel is available to assist members in the preparation of last will and testament, power of attorney, estate planning, assistance with adoptions, name changes, nonsupport and indebtedness, taxes, and landlord-tenant relations. Legal assistance is provided by attorneys assigned to district legal offices and major training commands.

All Coast Guard members are encouraged to complete a Personal Readiness Plan (PRP). The plan is a private document designed to keep a member’s most important personal information at the ready in the event of an emergency.

To learn more about legal assistance, develop a PRP, or locate the closest legal assistance office, visit: