United States Coast Guard Hearing Office

Due to the COVID-19 the Hearing Office Staff are partaking in the self distancing.   This is to keep our staff and their families safe during this pandemic.  Should you have questions or concerns regarding your civil penalty, the best way to reach the Hearing Office Staff is thru email.  Our Email Address is as follows HQS-SMB-CGHO-Response@uscg.mil



The mission of the Hearing Office is to adjudicate civil penalty cases.  The civil penalty process is remedial in nature.  Its goals are to gain compliance with statutes and regulations that the Coast Guard enforces and to deter future violations.  A fair and informal administrative process promotes maritime safety, security and environmental protection.

U.S. Coast Guard Hearing Office
Commandant (CG-094H)
2703 Martin Luther King Jr Ave. SE /STOP 7794
Washington, DC 20593-7794


Toll Free: 1-866-801-6178     |      Phone: 202-795-6240     |     Fax: 202-372-8422