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Personnel Workforce

The Coast Guard Investigative Service is a centralized directorship managed by a professional criminal investigator who reports to the Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard Investigative Service is located outside the Coast Guard’s operational chain of command; this allows consistency in investigative policy, procedure, training and education.

CGIS is primarily made up of three groups of individuals:

These individuals are of different specialties and ratings and rotate into CGIS for a tour of duty or consecutive tours of duty.   These individuals have served in the Coast Guard and are selected for CGIS on a "best qualified" basis.  CWO positions are normally filled by enlisted Special Agents appointed to CWO. Enlisted personnel must be E-6 and above to apply. Each summer, CGIS solicits for applicants to fill enlisted active duty positions. Application package and eligibility requirements are summarized in annual ALCGENL messages issued by CG Personnel Command (CGPC-epm-1). 

These personnel are Chief Warrant Officers (Investigators) and Petty Officers serving in the Reserve Investigator Rating (IV).  Personnel interested in joining the Coast Guard Reserve should visit the CG Reserve Web Page for more information.

GS-1811 Series Criminal Investigators / Special Agents.  These personnel are hired from qualified civilian applicants.  Generally, law enforcement experience is required to be hired by CGIS.  Once hired, they will receive additional law enforcement training as necessary and be eligible for assignment throughout the U.S. and its territories.  Job openings are based on the needs of the service and follow regular government hiring practices.  The job openings are announced under the title, "Criminal Investigator" on the Coast Guard Civilian Careers and the U. S. Government's Office of Personnel Management (USAJobs) Web Site.

  • Criminal Investigations for Crimes Relating to the Maritime Realm and Coast Guard missions
  • Law Enforcement Task Force & Liaison Operations
  • Investigations into Felony Violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
  • Protective Services Operations
  • Law Enforcement information collection
  • All CGIS agents must possess a security clearance and attend courses at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, GA.
  • Various training at higher education facilities
  • President's Council on Integrity and Efficiency 
  • Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF)
  • Multi - agency anti - drug task force headed by Department of Justice
  • International Police (INTERPOL)
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)
  • DHS Blue Campaign - End Human Trafficking
  • Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
  • Maritime Alien Smuggling
  • Maritime Drug Smuggling
  • Environmental Crimes
  • Assistance Requested  by other Federal Agencies 
  • Support Department of Justice Attorneys
  • Other Violations of the U. S. Code under the Maritime jurisdiction of the UCMJ