Domestic Force Laydown

The Coast Guard is divided into two area commands, the Atlantic Area and Pacific Area. The areas are further divided into nine district commands. The Atlantic Area includes five district commands covering the Eastern United States, the Atlantic Ocean, the Great Lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico. The Pacific area includes four district commands covering the Western United States and the Pacific Ocean.


International Force Laydown

Coast Guard International Force Laydown The Coast Guard has a robust international presence, including three permanent international units. Patrol Forces Southwest Asia (PATFORSWA) is the Coast Guard’s largest unit outside of the United States. PATFORSWA is currently supporting the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet in Operation Freedom’s Sentinel. The Coast Guard has two commands (Activities Europe and Activities Far East) that support the Coast Guard’s Maritime Safety and Security mission, conducting marine inspection, marine investigation, and international port security operations to ensure the integrity of the Marine Transportation System. The Coast Guard also has personnel assigned to nine DoD Combatant Commands and often has a presence on all seven continents and all of the world’s oceans, projecting national sovereignty with our icebreakers, National Security Cutters, aviation assets, and deployable specialized forces.