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FACTSHEET | June 12, 2018


The term “cutter” identifies a Coast Guard vessel 65 feet in length or greater, with accommodations for a crew to live aboard. Major cutters like the national security cutter are capable of carrying multiple cutterboat types, including the over-the-horizon (CB-OTH-IV) rigid-hull inflatables, and long-range interceptors (CB-LRI-11). Polar-class icebreakers also carry an Arctic survey boat (ASB), a polar variant of the CB-OTH-IV, and landing craft. Most cutters more than 200 feet in length are capable of accommodating helicopters.


U.S. Coast Guard Cutters - 243 Total

Icebreakers - Polar2 / Great Lakes 3/1

Buoy Tenders - Seagoing / Coastal 16/14

National Security Cutters 5

Buoy Tenders - Inland, River 22

High Endurance Cutters 4

Construction Tenders 13

Fast Response 24

Icebreaking Tugs 9

Medium Endurance Cutters 28

Harbor Tugs 11

Patrol 98

Training Cutter 1

1: Any U.S. Coast Guard vessel 65-feet or larger in length

2: 1 of 3 inactive