Recognition Programs

Civil Rights Senior Leader Awards

The U.S. Coast Guard is committed to equal employment opportunity and equal opportunity (EEO/EO) and to a discrimination-free work environment. This goal can only be achieved through commitment and the positive actions of leaders. In recognition of extraordinary service, each year a military leader (active duty or reserve) and a civilian leader will be selected for the Civil Rights Senior Leader Awards. This award honors leaders who demonstrate a high level of commitment to fairness and equal opportunity for all. These individuals embody the principles of civil rights/human rights, justice and equality and have made tremendous contributions toward attaining an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)/Equal Opportunity (EO) model program within their area of responsibility.

For more information about the Civil Rights Senior Leader Awards, please read the Frequently Asked Questions and Award Criteria.

Civil Rights Service Provider (CRSP) of the Year Award

The Civil Rights Service Provider (CRSP) of the Year Award recognizes a military or civilian employee whose outstanding contributions ensure the success of the Coast Guard Civil Rights mission.

Eligible: Civilian Employees and Military Members
Performance Period:  1 May 2015 – 31 May, 2017
Deadline: June 20, 2017
Successful nominees will have accomplished one or more of the following:
1. Demonstrated leadership through a strong personal commitment to the Coast Guard Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights Programs.
2. Exhibited exemplary professional conduct and superior leadership ability.
3. Demonstrated initiative, cooperation, and adaptability while providing superior customer service.
4. Demonstrated sound working knowledge of all aspects of the Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights Missions.
5. Demonstrated commitment to addressing diversity related imbalances in the civilian workforce.
6. Developed an organizational culture that values equal opportunity and demonstrates strong support for conducting cultural awareness activities.
7. Supported the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and mediation to resolve complaints.
8. Promoted community outreach by building a positive public image of the CG and strongly supported the Partnership in Education (PIE) Program or other community outreach projects.
9. Sustained superior job performance and committed no infractions of good order and discipline during the past twelve months.

All Coast Guard managers (commanding officers/officers in charge, civilian managers and supervisors) are encouraged to nominate a CRSP located within the Coast Guard areas, districts and units who have provided superior Civil Rights Services. All Civil Rights Regional Directors are required to nominate at least one CRSP within or outside of their supervisory chain.